Xbox One X Console Review- is it worth the transition


Hello, today I’m doing a review on the Xbox One X console which will include console specs features is it worth buying and how much the console will cost and other information about the device so stay tune in if you want to know more about the so-called most powerful console ever created.

about the console

Brand Name: Xbox One x

Storage Size: 1tb HDD 

Best Place to Buy: ebay

console dimensions: 11.81 in or 30cm X 9.45 in or 24cm X 2.36 in or 6cm

side-veiw   nex-gen-comparison

Console Weight: 8.4lbs or 3.81 kgs

console inputs:  1 power port, 1 HDMI In, 1 HDMI Out, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 IR Out, 1 S/PDIF Digital Audio, 1 Ethernet Port (IEEE 802.3 10/100/100)


power delivery:  to minimize power consumption the device has a special power delivery system that uses the Hovis method to control where the voltage goes within the console

cooling system:  contains a liquid cooling system that keeps all the components cool using a special type of liquid 

Wireless Capability:  has WIFI( IEEE 802.11ac dual band 5GHz & 2.4GHz) and IR blaster/receiver built into the console

VIDEO:  has 4k output for Blu-ray and optic drive formats with HDMI cord input the console also has HDR-10 support as well

Audio:  supports DTS, DOLBY, AND PCM audio formats and for compatible devices that support DOLBY 2.0 provides spatial audio 

CPU:  AMD custom 8-core CPU clocking out at 2.3GHz- bringing more detail to its games

GPU:  6 Teraflop GPU clocked at 1.172GHz/40CU’S for an awesome 4K Experience


ram:  GDDR5 12GB clocked at 6.8GHz/ 326 GB/s Bandwith of virtual memory and 8GB of flash memory- bringing bigger worlds more power and speed to its games

HDD type:  1 Terabyte HDD hard drive

 is it worth it in the long run?

I would definitely say that yes, in the long run, it is worth picking up this console on release day for the main reason of it plays all the current Xbox one games Xbox 360 games and it is compatible with the 4k enabled games exclusively for this console only.

pros and cons


  • runs games and movies in 4k quality
  • has enhanced graphics
  • shorter load times
  • liquid cooling so no overheating
  • xbox one accessories  are all compatible with Xbox one x
  • smaller in size
  • comes with a 1 terabyte HDD built-in storage
  • xbox one games are all compatible with the Xbox one x
  • works on 180p  and 4k televisions and it even makes 180p look better with super sampling


  • costs a couple hundred dollars more than the xbox one x
  • will only show 4k quality on compatible games
  • in  order to use the xbox one Kinect you need an adapter

what about accessories?

 not to worry the Xbox one x will support all of the current Xbox One accessories including headsets, controllers, media remotes, keyboards, and if you have an adapter it will also support the Xbox One Kinect. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost for the Xbox one X will be 499$ making it more expensive than all the other consoles to date the price is made up of the high-tech ingenuity and power built into the device so you definitely get what you pay for in the long run with all of its advanced features. some may find that the price is a little steep for a console but if you’re a hardcore gamer who is looking for a high power machine that will play your games at a decent frame rate and have an excellent  graphic perspective than at the end of the day its well worth the extra couple hundred dollars from what an Xbox one or one s will run you.


that’s my review so are you gonna make the transition? whats your favorite feature on the Xbox one? please feel free to leave you question comments or concerns in the comments section down below thanks for reading and have an awesome day.


10 thoughts on “Xbox One X Console Review- is it worth the transition

  1. Travis Wix Reply

    Nice man this is amazing had no clue that xbox had this even in the making lol. I am not much on xbox now days so that might explain it but it looks great and glad you can use all the other games and accessories with it. The price isn’t that bad either I think as thats how much systems was costing there for awhile.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      hey, Travis thanks for commenting and yeah I can agree that pretty much every console since xbox 360 have been kinda pricey

  2. Peter Reply

    Nice article man. I loved my xbox 360 and played it nearly everyday. Call of duty, gears of war and the elder scrolls are the games I have the best memory of.

  3. B Reply

    Thank you for sharing all these little details, I was looking for an X-Box console. It’s funny how sometimes you’re looking for a certain product and the internet ocean takes you to a better product you didn’t even know exists.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      I can agree the internet has a funny way of showing you new and cool stuff anyway thanks for the comment and have a good night

  4. Rob Reply

    Thank you for this informative article. The Xbox One X seems appealing and my biggest fear was that all my 360 (around 40) games would not work on this one. Glad you have answered that question. What’s your favorite game?

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