Xbox One Games Coming Out- July 2017 Edition


Hello, everyone, I’m at it again with another post featuring Xbox one gaming’s coming out only this time for the month of July so if you want to know what games are coming out this month be sure to keep browsing.

July 11th

Hunting Simulator

A hunting simulation game being developed and published by Maximum Games. the player is able to go on realistic hunting adventures in a wide range of different locations from Colorado to Alaska where the player can choose what gear to bring like rifles and animal calls.

when on hunting adventures there are different objectives like hunting the wide selection of realistic animals from white tail deer to moose in graphically realistic maps.


waiting-for-the-prey   first-person-view

eye-on-the-prize   game-map


Fable Fortune

A card battle/collecting featuring characters based on the fable series that’s being developed and published by Medtronic. gameplay is focused on players collecting card that feature characters from fable each character has their own individual attacks and abilities.

the player uses these characters to battle in an arena based overhead map against other players and AI’s where you gain XP and new skills for each character card you use during the battle.


in-game-battle   lightning-attack

Smoke-Screen   In-Game-Battle2

Black the Fall

An indie platformer stealth game being developed and published by Sand Sailor Studio in gameplay the player takes control of an old machinist who is being held by the communist regime and must escape by sneaking past security drones in passages and hallways and having to overcome a ton of obstacles.

using his ingenuity, reflexes, and deception. and a little robot creature that assists him in his escape the deadly communist-ridden world.


security-camera  his-fateful-sidekick

sneaking-past-securtiy  difficult-obsticle

July 14th

Serial Cleaner

A 2D platformer action/stealth game being developed by IFun4all and published by Curve Dig. During gameplay, the player takes control of a murder cleanup specialist who runs around a 2D map avoiding security by using shortcuts in order to search the map for murder scenes where you must pick up the body and bring it back to your vehicle or hide it so the police don’t find it and it must be done in a fast paced manner.


finding-the-body  evading-the-police

Rouge Stormers

A platformer fantasy action game being developed and published by Black Forest Games which was initially revealed at the developer’s conference in 2010. gameplay features online multiplayer where you team up with other players to fight off hordes of orcs and goblins using customizable weapons like shotguns and machine guns.

when you complete missions you receive crafting materials and spare gun parts that the player can use to add features like range shot patterns, rate of fire and what type of ammo the weapon can fired like incendiary and full metal jacket.


fighting-off-enemies  found-a-loot-chest


July 19th 

Moon Hunters

An Action RPG game being developed and published by Kitfox Games. in the game, the player takes on the role of one of six characters who each have their own unique abilities and weaknesses. the player sets off on a perilous journey to take back the moon and bring it back to the land issaria while stopping the evil sun cult

The ending of the game is determined by the route that the player takes place during gameplay and the outcome of the final boss battle. the different areas of the map are randomly generated and change for each playthrough.


snow-region   dialoug-screen


July 20th


A multiplayer online battle arena game that is free to play the game is being published by Game Studio Motiga and published by Perfect World Entertainment. during gameplay, the player teams up with other players whose job is to protect a massive guardian from an opposing team who have a guardian of their own to protect.


bear-like-creature    Charnok

the-heros   the-guardian

July 25th

Aven Colony

A sci-fi, strategy building game being developed by Mothership Entertainment and published by  the goal of the game is to build a new civilization on an alien planet also known as Aven prime light years away from civilization.

The player is in charge of overseeing general construction of buildings which include tent-like structures to start and then skyscrapers when you progress withing the game. you are also in charge of growing and cultivation of food, oxygen creation, and resource mining.


in-game-scenery  building-a-tower

busling-city  lush-city


A creative survival game being developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games. players will have to forge for supplies like building materials in order to build weapons and create fortified structures wich is also crucial to surviving the hordes of monsters and zombies. players will also be able to explore the open world discovering weapons and materials to improve your chances of survival.


orc-ridden-town   zombie-obliteration

building-a-fort  the-main-characters

July 28th

Super Cloudbuilt

An action speed running shooter game being developed by CoilWorks and published by Rising Star Games which was originally on Windows PC but is being ported to Xbox One and ps4 consoles.

gameplay is a parkour style where the player runs through a centralized path that features many different paths that you can take that are much faster than the main path in order to progress you must climb up walls and jump across large ledges.


dont-fall   running-up-a-wall



July games w no release dates

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

A first person shooter game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision  the game was a previously a xbox 360 and ps3 game that was released on November 5th, 2007 and was also included when you pre- ordered call of duty infinite warfare but is now getting it’s on individual release on xbox one and ps4

in the campaign, the player takes on the role of a British  SAS commander and a U.S Force Reconnaissance Marine through the various settings of the UK, the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine on various recon missions.


on-a-mission   enemy-camp

being-kidnapped  on-a-ship


A shooting obstacle jumping game being developed by 5 Bits Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. gameplay consists of the player jumping cubes and shooting targets and enemies in order to open pathways and advance up a large tower the goal is to reach the top as the obstacles get harder and harder.


major-problem  large-jump



That’s it for the releases in the month of July. did you find my list helpful? which games are you planning on picking up? if you have any question of comments please feel free to leave some feedback in the comments section down below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day

Casey, Post Author




4 thoughts on “Xbox One Games Coming Out- July 2017 Edition

  1. Tom Reply

    Hi there,
    You picked a good platform to develop your website. I like the screen shots you used for your post. I also like how you listed all the games coming out for July which is a great idea for gamers.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hello thank you for the positive comment on my site i put alot of work into my posts to make them as interesting as possible thanks again and have a good evening

  2. Craig Reply

    Wow, there are a couple of new stealth games coming out every few weeks I feel like. They’ve made a big splash recently, I get the feeling they must be cheap/easy to develop, but no complaints from me because they are a total riot to play. My favorite so far has been Stealth Bastard, but the one you mention above regarding the Communist Machinist looks incredibly interesting. I’m definitely going to do some digging on it!

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, Craig, i can definitely agree about your comment about the stealth games being very popular I have played alot of them as a gamer I have never heard of stealth bastard that sounds very interesting ill have to check that one out anyway thanks for commenting have a good night.

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