Xbox One Games Coming Out – December 2017 Edition


Hey, fellow gamers I’m back at it again with a post about xbox one games coming out December 2017 edition post so if you’re excited for what’s to come this month be sure to have a look.

December 1st


A single player survival science fiction horror game being developed and published by Friction Games for xbox one/one x, ps4, and pc. 

The game takes place in an underwater research facility called Pathos-II which has malfunctioned making the machinery come to life as robotic creatures and the only way to avoid them is to use stealth tactics, immersion or by solving puzzles.






Sky Force Reloaded

A platformer space shooting arcade game being developed and published by Infinite Dreams.The player takes control of a spacecraft which you use to dodge and kill a ton of other enemy planes and helicopters in order to complete each level.






December 2nd

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight

A flight simulator game for xbox one/one x, ps4, and pc, in  the game the player takes on the role of one of the blue angels where you take control of one of the famous fighter jet pilots that they use in their airshows to do stunts and you get to experience the same feeling that they do up in the air.






December 5th

The Walking Dead The Telltale series Collection

An apocalyptic zombie game on xbox one/one x, ps4, and pc the game is the full collection of the game series the walking dead by the Telltale series. where you play a linear storyline through the zombie apocalypse fighting zombies and completing different tasks in each episode to complete it.




original-vs-remastered#1     about-to-get-eaten


A kids games for xbox one/ one x, ps4, and pc. In the game, the player takes control of an avatar where you join other players in a game of capture the head which is kind of like capture the flag but you look of an angry ancient head order to take it back to the teams base and whoever has the most captures at the end of the round wins.


the-map    blue-team-won



December 6th


An open world puzzle exploration game for xbox one/ one x, ps4 and pc. In the game, the player enters a dark world filled with trees and random objects like candles to light the way and picture frames floating in mid-air and the object of the game is to solve the mystery behind the strange world.






December 8th

Hello Neighbor

A stealth survival horror game being developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tiny build. for xbox one, Pc and Ps4 the object of the game is to sneak into your neighbor’s house in a stealthy manner so you don’t get caught in order to break into their basement to uncover the secret behind the locked door.





Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

A 3D strategy game  being developed and published by Slitherine Software for xbox one, Pc and Ps4  the player takes control of the mobile shipyard known as the Daidalos where they are in charge of building a colonial fleet and use your fleet to save the Twelve colonies who are in the middle of the first Cylon war and need to be saved. Along the way, the player will also uncover more conspiracies within the midst of the war of the Cylon.




December 12th


An action adventure puzzle game for xbox one/ one x, ps4, and pc. The plot tells a story of how an ancient land was saved from falling into darkness by the Shinto sun goddess referred to as Amaterasu set in a water painted world where the player embarks on an adventure to help save the ancient land and learn about its secrets.




the-white-wolf   magic-tree

December  13th

Night In The Woods Weird Autumn

A platformer adventure game for xbox one/one x, ps4, and pc being developed and published by  Infinite Fall. The game is set in a 2D world in an open world where you play as a cat named Mae Borowski who was a college dropout who has returned home to her old hometown to find that it has changed. The objective of the game is to complete tasks, solve puzzles and complete little mini-games in order to complete the game.


dialouge   down-town

visiting-a-statue   strange-bird-man

December 19th


An adventure exploration game for xbox one/ one x, ps4, and pc being developed by Freshly Squeezed and published by SOEDESCO  in the game the player is trapped on a post-apocalyptic earth post-human existence and your objective is to explore the island as a little robot with a wheel as his mode of transportation which you will use to explore the world and find obstacle courses so you can collect orbs






Thats it for games coming for the month of December so what was your favorite game and are you planning on purchasing any of the games on this list? Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Xbox One Games Coming Out – December 2017 Edition

  1. Alex Reply

    I have watched all the Walking Dead episodes and it is a phenomenal series. It is great to hear that they have come out with an associated video game. I enjoy playing what I watch.

    I have a question though. Whenever I buy a game, I like to know everything about it. For this game, is there a free play mode or pvp? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, Alex, the funny part is that game has nothing to do with the tv series it’s an entirely different game still really fun game though when I first saw it I thought it was related too. but if you want a game that is based on the tv series its called the walking dead survival instinct it’s a 360 game but it should be compatible with the xbox one if you wanna check it out anyway thanks for commenting and have a good night.

  2. JR Andrade Reply

    hi Casey, awesome reviews =) I am glad about these new XBox One titles. I am a fan of simulated reality games and “SOMA”, “The Walking Dead” and “Hello Neighbor” seem very enticing. Thanks for this wonderful heads up as I will really obtain one as a Christmas treat for my family..for me, actually =) Thanks brother =)

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, Jr thanks for commenting im glad you found my post helpful i personally wanna play the blue angel’s flight simulator anyway have a good night.

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