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Hello, this post is centered around upcoming video game release recommendations for xbox one where i will giving my opinion on each one so please enjoy my content

First in my list is sniper Ghost warrior 3- I picked this game first because of the fact that I personally love to play games that have to do with stealth and sniping or just shooting in general.

Also because it has a similarly realistic gameplay style as sniper elite 4 which I have played and absolutely love. The only difference is this game looks more modern and has a wider array of options to choose from as far as gadgets and gun choices.

It also has more of an open map feel kind of like GTA, and like GTA they give you the option to drive through the map instead of traversing on foot. So I would definitely recommend picking up this game.the-map-in-sniper-ghost-warrior3


One of my next upcoming video game release Recommendation’s is Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition- This game is on my list because I played this game when it first came out on the Xbox 360 back in 2011.

Back then this was one of the best games I had played aside from dead rising and GTA 4. But also mainly because of the gun and run aspect of the game.

The different weapon choices they provide that you can unlock by killing enemies to gain points by performing kills in the various ways that they have listed in the achievements menu. In the full clip edition, they give you the exact same game with the same storyline  gun options

bullet-storm-full-clip-carnageAnd the same awesome lasso as the first one only this time around you get the graphics and scenery in stunning 780p HD on the xbox one fat and 4k on the one s.

So with the new updated graphics and the frame rate the Xbox one provides I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters.


The next game that I think looks kind of interesting is Yooka Lay-Lee- because it has a banjo Kazooie sort of feel to it which in my personal opinion is a really fun game to play.

But apart from those old school 3D games it provides a 60 fps engine and a lot of abilities that players can utilize as they play through each area of the game also most of the enemies are extremely easy to kill making it a good game to play if you don’t like getting bombarded with difficult enemies all the time. As a major old school gaming fanatic, I would personally recommend that you give this game a try.

Voodoo Vince Remastered- Looks like a really fun game to  play i have never played it but from the game previews it looks like an awesome game to play. This game is a remake of a game that was voodoo-vince-remasteredreleased originally on the very first xbox.

The game is a platformer like the games from back in the day. However the remastered version has xbox one graphics with the 780p hd on the xbox one fat and 4k on the xbox one s.





That’s it for my recommendations If you have any question or comments on any of the games listed above please feel free to write me a comment down below thanks for reading and have a great day

Casey, PostAuthor

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Video Game Release Recommendations

  1. Kenny Reply

    I am still stuck in the stupid 360 world…. I plan on upgrading to the Xbox one soon, do you know if waiting for Scorpio will be worth it? Anyways back to the games, Ghost Warrior 3, I love the name and I am going to look into the first 2, are they are 360? You caught my attention because you mentioned an open map feel like GTA, I really like GTA. I might also try the bullet storm one on 360. Hope you get a chance to answer some of these questions.

    • gamer420 Reply

      hi Kenny,

      unfortunately ghost warrior 3 is xbox one only but i know for sure that bullet storm has a 360 version. and I know that the xbox Scorpio is gonna have backward compatibility for xbox one and for 360. I would definitely say that if ur willing to wait for Scorpio it would definitely be worth it considering that it’s supposed to have basically the same platform but the only difference being the advanced graphics.

  2. Simon Reply

    This ghost sniper game reminds a lot of Quake or Serious Sam by looking at the images. Probably sounds funny but that huge monster erupting from the ground just sparks so much similarity in my eyes.

    Good recommendationa though, first person shooters will always be popular. However I’m personally an MMORPG guy – what are your thoughts on WoW in it’s original form?

    • gamer420 Reply

      hey, Simon

      the picture with the monster is actually from bullet storm full clip edition but full clip edition definitely has alot of similarities to quake and serious SAM except graphics wise of course. wow is a very addictive game my friend used to play that game non stop eveyday and eventually he gave it up but i personally have never tried it just because of the fact that you have to buy the game and a membership. if it wasent for that i probably would give it a try.

  3. Vali Reply

    In my opinion Sniper Elite 4 is much better than Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 because the developers worked more on Sniper Elite 4. In the first game, It is more interesting because it’s in the World War 2 and while playing it you can learn also some more history. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 failed with the gameplay mechanics so do so with the next genre.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      I really enjoyed playing sniper elite 4  but i haven’t gotten a chance to play sniper ghost warrior 3 yet so ill have to play it for myself and see what i think about it anyway thanks for the comment and have a good night.

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