The Best Xbox One Sports Games – For 2017


Hey, everybody today I’m going to be bringing you guys some of the best sports games for 2017 so stay tuned for some of these amazing titles. this article only includes games that are already released I will be creating a post later for upcoming sports games.

Madden NFL 17 

An American football sports game Developed by EA Sports and one of the only football based simulation sports games out on the market this year,  in the game you can play a selection of actual football teams you can also create your own team. The game features multiple game modes both offline and online ie. career, ultimate team collectible card game, and a new mode called Draft championship.


PlayBookScreen   defensive-postition


NBA 2K17

A simulation basketball sports game released September 20th, 2016 and developed by 505 Productions and published by 2K games. The game is a realistic basketball game which features real life NBA teams from past and present that the player can choose in the game to play against an opposing team that features a.i players or online players via multiplayer mode.

On court, gameplay features official NBA rules regulations and player moves like Dunks, Layups, and JumpShots. Also featuring different play modes like FreePlay, Career, QuickPlay, NBA Jam-Style arcade shootout. this is the best basketball game out on the market to date.


player-running-to-make-basket    player-jumpshot


WWE: 2K17

A wrestling simulation sports game based on the WWE wrestling universe Developed and Produced by 2k games. gameplay is based on actual moves used during WWE matches in example wrestler specific moves, takedowns and submissions. In game, moves can be difficult to master but once you do the game is really fun to mess around with.

The player can choose from all the current wrestlers featured in the show also including an in-game DLC that includes characters from the 80’s 90’s and the Attitude Era which can be purchased from the store. the game features a creation tool the player can use to create their own player. I put this game on the list because it’s the only recently released wrestling game out on the market this year.


wrestling-bodyslam    Wrestling-body-kick


Forza Horizon 3

An open world sports racing game exclusively for the Xbox one developed by playground games and turn 10 studios. based on the Forza Motorsport series and a sequel to Forza Horizon 2. In the game, players are able to explore modern day  Australia separated into different festival locations.

including Byron Bay, new south wales, surfers paradise, Queensland, Yarra Valley, Victoria and Cooper pedy using a wide range of different real licensed cars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Audi, Volkswagen and if you have a car pass they add new cars periodically that you can buy.

they recently added a hot wheels expansion which includes hot wheels car models and a map with a race track that looks exactly like the old track you used to play with your Hotwheels on as a kid.


in-game-map   Hot-Wheels-Expansion


R.B.I Baseball 17

A baseball simulation sports game based on the MLB sports franchise released on March 28th, 2017. Where the player gets to control up to 30 different real MLB teams in 30 authentic ballpark’s featuring real player stats like innings per season and batting averages.

players can also perfect their own team with over 1,000 players to choose from.the game has different gameplay menu options ie, season, post season, Exhibition and Multiplayer.


running-to-home    team-stats




An open world multiplayer extreme sports game released on  December 2nd, 2016 for Xbox one developed by Ubisoft. centered in the Alps and on Mount McKinley where the players can explore the world and partake in different sporting challenges like skiing wingsuit flying, snowboarding, and paragliding with other players.

the player can switch between first of 3rd person mode and utilize a go pro cam mode during races and competitions and in general gameplay.


extreme-sport-selection-wheel  wingsute-gameplay  map-overview

parachuting  Snowboarding

NHL 17 

A simulation hockey sports game for Xbox one released on September 13th,2016  developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. featuring the Ignite graphics engine running the standard Xbox One 780p and 4k for Xbox One S.

Gameplay is focused on real sports interaction on the ice and the player can choose from the 27 different Official NHL sports teams and their players. Game modes include  Hockey Ultimate team or HUT mode, a trading card team building mode,  EA Sports hockey league, online Co-op mode, and Franchise mode.

Franchise mode adds new modes to the game: World Cup tournament mode, and a fantasy draft mode it also enables the player to build their own teams and arenas.



ingame-game-play-on-the-ice   ingame-player-realisim

Fifa 17

A soccer based sports game and the newest installment of the FIFA series developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports released on September 27th, 2016 running the Frostbite engine.

Gameplay is based on the Official FIFA sports interaction and Official soccer teams and players and for the fist time ever in the FIFA series, the game will include the J1 League and the J1 League Cup. The game features new attack techniques, in-game character revamps, and an in-game intelligence system.

FIFA features a new single player mode called the journey where the player takes on the role of Alex Hunter a 17-year-old soccer player trying to build his name in the Premier league the player is able to choose any of the premier league clubs to play in to start the season.


 over-head-view-of-field  ingame-player                             

  team-selection-screen  stadium-from-above 


That’s it for the best sports Games in 2017 do you have any suggestion for my list? or have any questions on any of the games? please feel free to leave me a comment below if you do thanks for reading and have a gread rest of your day. 

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4 thoughts on “The Best Xbox One Sports Games – For 2017

  1. Irma Reply

    I used to play Forza back a few years ago, but I would love to play it now on hot wheels tracks! That looks like so much fun! Tragically, my kid is hogging the Xone 🙁

    I think that I would like to play Steep as well, as I was a big fan of snowboard kids back when N64 was the console to have.

    As for Madden, I think they should have the guys from Gears of War playing against the gang from from Halo. Now that would be a sports game that I could get into!

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      personally, im a huge fan of Forza im still working on the newest one, there is so much stuff to do even without the hot wheels expansion. as for Madden, I completely agree I think if they made a game with the Gears of War characters and the Halo characters im willing to bet it would be a best seller for sure I know I would try it out lmao anyway thanks for commenting and have a good night.

  2. Deep Reply

    What can I say, all these games are amazing. I have played more than half of them and want to get the rest. My favorite ones have to be Madden and 2k. However, I did not enjoy Madden 17 as much as Madden 16. Hopefully, 18 will be better. Anyways thanks for sharing this post I would definitely recommend it to someone interesting in playing video games.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      im not that big into madden im more into racing games and basketball game’s myself. thanks for commenting

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