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Game Type: Open World, First Person, Action Adventure 

Release Date: April 27th, 2018 



The game is set in hope county Montana where you play as a deputy during the take over of a powerful cult whose mission is to kidnap and convert everyone into their followers using a drug called bliss which makes you helpless to the cults mind control music that they use to brainwash you  and make you obey the cults every demand making you a literal zombie and anyone who resists gets put down  and  as the deputy you must help defeat the cultist leader who is known as John and his three minions each one  having of a different region within the map and you must defeat each one in order to kill john and save hope county from complete shutdown.

My personal review

I was personally blown away when I saw this game because the enhanced graphics and the similarity of the environment I can say this because I proudly live in the state of Montana and the wilderness is as breathing as it is in real life. The game is filled with a ton of new features and improvements from the other games which include improved day and night cycle better weapons like flamethrowers,smgs, assault rifles, melee weapons,rpgs etc.

New and more challenging perks that can only be unlocked by completing one of may challenge within the game like killing enemies with a particular weapon like the flamethrower a particular number of times etc. you can also fish and hunt in order to sell hides and get money to buy and customize vehicle cars, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters,4wheelers, and utv’s. they also added the ability to assign personal companions which you can have assigned to command during combat and this includes animals an air support, and other character AI’s who each have their own special weapons and skill traits.

As for glitches and flaws with the game ive heard of a few that are currently being patched like one prevents the day and night cycle from changing and one that prevents you from playing the game after the credits screen I have personally have witnessed any glitches yet but if so I may update this page when if complete the game fully my personal game rating for this game is a solid 9.5 out of 10 because it does have a couple glitches but that dosent take too much from the gamelay and everything else about the game is very detailed and beautifly executed to tie it all together.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins

Game Type: Open World, Rpg, Action Adventure

Release Date:  October 27th, 2017

180p HD


Embark on a perilous journey across ancient Egypt as one of the first members of the assassins guild as you take on various quests and missions across a huge open world map filled with enemy bases, Egyptian tombs, secret collectibles and wild game like hyenas, gazels, birds etc. the objective is to explore the map, take over bases, look for treasure, kill enemy soldiers who have taken over your hometown.

my personal review

This game is by far the best installment of the assasins creed franchise because of the freedom of the gameplay and the various weapons you can find throughout the game (swords, sickles, bows). The huge selection of quests and things to do you can also hunt wild game to gather materials like hides which are necessary to upgrade your weapons etc. my rating is a 10 out of to because of the graphics, endless gameplay, ease of gameplay.

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Call Of Duty WWII

Game Type: RPG, First Person Shooter   

Release Date: November 3rd, 2017



In the game, the player takes on the role of a ww2 soldier known as Ronald Reid Daniel’s who is in the group that is raiding the beaches of Normandy on D-day where you must break the wall and make your way to the Rhine or the German and French border which is divided by an old bridge which is heavily guarded by German troops  and your objective is to reach the  bridge and overtake it in order to cross it and make your way into France to meet with French allied soldiers.

my personal opinion

I really like this game the gameplay is incredible it is almost like watching a movie especially if you play it on the new xbox one x with the 4k experience gameplay is really smooth and the graphics are super sharp with the one x enhancements. no glitches what so ever story mode is flawless and multiplayer works fine the only thing is when I first purchased the game it wouldn’t let me join a lobby session but it does now.

The missions are pretty diverse like in one mission you get to drive a tank and in another you must stealth kill German soldiers my personal rating for this game is definitely  gonna be a 9.5 out of 10  because of the incredible graphics and  laggy multiplayer sessions at times I hope you found my review helpful have a good night and  be sure to look around the rest of my website for new game trailers and walkthroughs too.

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Evil Within 2

Game Type: Open-World, Horror, first and 3rd Person

Release Date: October 13th, 2017 



players take on the role of  Sebastian Castanello who must enter a program called Mobius which runs a digital world which is based on the thoughts and nightmares of a child who has been sucked into the program into a dangerous world filled with all kinds of creatures like ax-wielding zombies and 3 headed crawling creatures. the player begins the game with a knife and thats it, later on, you will obtain more weapons such as shotguns, pistols, a crossbow’s and bottles of gasoline which can be ignited if shot.

my personal opinion

This game is extremely challenging so you must have alot of patience use of strategy  I really enjoy playing this game the graphics are excellent for Xbox one standards as far as im concerned. the mechanics are pretty good the controls aren’t the best they aren’t your typical first-person shooter. that being said my rating for this game is  8.5 out of 10. thanks for reading and have a good night and feel free to check out the rest of my site.

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Destiney 2

Game Type: futuristic, fantasy, first-person shooter

Release Date: September 6th, 2017



Destiny 2 an online-only multiplayer game where you and your band of friends can interact with each other during missions and in just plain free roam as well. the main plot is focused around the first installment of the game where you play as one of the guardians and you’re tasked with getting back at the red legion and any other enemies that you come across. For waging an all-out assault on you HQ tower and for taking your special abilities and you must travel between worlds in search of different tasks and missions to complete.

My personal opinion 

In my opinion, this game seems exactly like the first game to a T just like how the gameplay is and the linear missions where you have to go from world to world in a closed galaxy without any interaction with the spaceship beside a space travel cutscene that plays while traveling between worlds. The weapons collection and health mechanics are all the same as well so I personally think that it was way overhyped by the rumors about the game before it was released.

For instance, it was rumored it would be just like the ps4 exclusive no man’s sky which was sadly debunked. Gameplay, in general, is very stable I haven’t seen any glitches and they also added a bigger selection of weapons and gear to be discovered along with a couple extra worlds to explore as well. the multiplayer mechanics pretty much the same as the first.  I would rate this game at an 8 out of 10 because of it similarities to the first game with the mechanics and gameplay style.

Hope you enjoyed my review please feel free to check out the rest of my review and have a good day or night.

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TitanFall 2 

Game Type: futuristic first-person shooter

Release Date: October 28th, 2016



you take on the role of a militia soldier named Jack Cooper who wants to become the pilot of the Titan which is a mecha exoskeleton used to fight the enemy mercenaries. and defeat the interstellar corporation using a ton of new skills and weapons that can be found by exploring the map.

 my personal review

I recently started playing this game after I downloaded it from the Xbox game pass and I must say for a freebie it’s a really fun and interesting game to play.The best thing about this game that from mission to mission you either play on foot or inside the Titan robot. and you can choose the weapon you want to use from the selection menu.The plot has alot of depth and has many challenging bosses you must defeat as you progress through the story and each boss has their own unique weapon that the player will be able to collect once the boss is defeated.

My rating for this game is definitely a 10 out of 10 because it’s action-packed, interesting and the difficulty of the enemies isn’t all that bad I killed myself more times from falling while parkouring from wall to wall than when I was fighting mercenaries. This being said I would most definitely recommend this game to everyone who enjoys a good first-person shooter. that’s my review thanks for reading and have a good day or night.

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The Final Station

Game Type: post-apocalyptic, shooter, platformer

Release Date: August 30th, 2016



A platformer indie game where you take on the role of a post-apocalyptic train engineer who explores different cities to find the code to release the train from the station to get the train rolling again.

While doing so you must also look for other items like money and hidden underground locations and survivors that you must keep alive by giving them food and health packs when venturing from city to city.During your exploration, you will also encounter dark zombie-like creatures that you must kill or they will kill you causing you to restart at the beginning of the level.

Personal Review

I recently downloaded this game when someone hacked my account and downloaded a bunch of games on my account with their own money anyway that’s a different story that I also talk about in the review below. my first impression of this game was that it kind of has an arcade game sort of feel to it which once I played the game I found that is definitely true.

In order to progress through each level, you must walk through a number of different buildings which have multiple floors and find the train conductor who knows how to get the code. This is as far as I have gotten so far but I can say that from what I have played it seems like a really interesting game to play my personal rating for this game is 9.5 out of 10.I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has an interest in objective based indie games thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Game Type: rare classic games collection

Release Date: August 4th, 2017



A collection of 30 games from 30 years of rare replays existence celebrating their 30th anniversary. the game features a wide range of different Rare games from conkers bad fur day to  Banjo Tootie and Banjo Kazooie. dark zero, dark zero 2. the game also includes some features like cheats like infinite lives and the ability to change your controller scheme to the modern setting used for Xbox one controllers.

Personal Review 

I recently had this game downloaded because some idiot decides to hack my Xbox account and buy this game and a bunch of other games with his own money but he forgot to change my password first before I changed it myself.Anyways back to the game I absolutely love this game it brings me back to my childhood days of playing the n64 on a Friday night with a bunch of my friends while staying up late and drinking a bunch of soda.

Personally, my favorite game is conkers bad fur day because of the explicit language and crude humor. some other favorites include all the banjo games and the zero dark series. The only bad thing is that alot of the better titles have to be downloaded separately from the main game which isn’t a problem for me but if you are lacking hard drive space it can consume a lot of space.

My personal rating for this game is an 8 out of 10 just because it has a few titles I personally have never heard of and the Xbox one controls can make playing some of the game a little difficult to play. But if you like to play classic n64 and arcade games from back in the day then you should pick up this game that’s my review thanks for reading and have an awesome day.

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Game Type: 3rd person open world, survival,  post-apocalyptic, driving/shooting

Release Date: September 1st, 2015



You play as the protagonist known a Max Rockatansky based on the movie mad max. in the game you meet a deformed mutant named Chumbucket who is also mechanic of sorts who offers to help build you the ultimate car after a group of raiders have stolen Mad Maxes old car and are scrapping it for parts.

You must explore the open wasteland to search for parts and upgrades for your new car known as magnum opus which is also the key to fulfilling mad maxes revenge against a gang of raiders and their leader Scabrous Scrotus who have robbed him of all of his possessions.

Combat consists of weapons and armor  equipped on your vehicle which you must collect parts in order to build and upgrade, ie. a front end ram, a harpoon, sniper rifle, missile launchers etc. you can also exit the vehicle where you can use boxing and wrestling based moves along with equipped weapons to take on enemies on foot.

Personal Review

I have just recently started playing this game as it is part of the Xbox game pass which by the way is definitely worth picking up. this game is fun but can be very hard to play as you have to search for fuel for your car and ammo and in order to regain health.You must drink water from a cantine but one full cantine equals a full health bar so you must find more but don’t worry you can find all this stuff if you find a friendly or enemy camp the enemy camp is obviously filled with raiders that you must defeat before you can search it for resources.

But if your low on health you may find it difficult to defeat the Raiders resulting in your timely death. but one good glitch I found is that once you respawn your health bar is full again. there are also secret stashes hidden under wrecked cars which to gain access to you must use the vehicle equipped harpoon to pull the wreck out of the way.My conclusion is if you like difficult open exploration games with vehicular mayhem and difficult enemies then this game is definitely worth taking a look at I personally have alot of fun with this game and I give this game a 9/10 I gave it this score because of the fact that some of the enemies are overpowered and hard to defeat. hope you enjoyed my review thanks for reading and have a great day.

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GhostRecon WildLands 

GameType: open world, tactical 3rd person shooter

Release date: March 7th,2017



Play as a member of the fictional special ops unit known as the ghosts. The team consists of nomad the leader, Midas the tactical gunner, Holt the engineer, Weaver the sniper, the player controls nomad.  They are the joint special operations command who is the counterpart to the real-life Delta Force.The game is set in modern-day Bolivia which has become a narco-state where the drug cartel known as Santa Blanca the world’s largest producer of cocaine has taken over every part of the country.

The U.S government is concerned by their rise in power when their influence begins to spread beyond Bolivia. The last straw comes when the u.s embassy in La Paz is targeted by a bomb, then its intended target DEA agent Ricardo Sandoval is kidnapped tortured then killed. In response, the government initiates operation king slayer a joint operation to find everyone involved and stop the cartel for good and find the connection between Santa Blanca and the local government.

The main objective of the game is to find Intel on each sub-leader and take them out in order to uncover the location the main leader of the cartel you accomplish this by traveling to each location via car helicopter or airplane in order to complete each mission which can range from assassination missions to gathering Intel, to gathering intel on hidden weapon parts.There are also side missions to complete, like for example killing a bunch of cartel members and stealing their shipment of fuel to deliver it the local resistance against the cartel doing these missions gives the player extra experience to level up and obtain more skill points in order to add new abilities to weapons and gadgets.

Personal Review

I just recently started playing this game and from just playing for the first week and I must say this game has awesome graphics and weapon realism the melee mechanics are actually pretty good you can click down on the right stick and the character will grab the enemy and incapacitate him.The vast areas of the map provide plenty of terrain for the player to off road through it also gives the player a vast amount of different areas to explore throughout each part of the map which kills a lot of time this is great for those boring days when there is nothing to do.

One thing that bugs me about this game are the flying mechanics compared to grand theft auto are extremely weird in example I’ll be flying in a helicopter with guns attached and I’ll try and point the front of the helicopter forward but it won’t let you unless you are holding down on the right trigger.Which still makes it extremely difficult to use if ur trying to shoot enemies on the ground the only way it works is if u land in front of the enemy if there in a vehicle and the shoot them. Or if ur shooting enemies on the side of a mountain of in another helicopter or airplane but even then it can still be hard to hit the opposing aircraft.

The driving mechanics are better then compared to the flying mechanics in the game. If ur fellow ghost agents are in the vehicle with you can hit up on the d-pad and they will automatically start firing at any enemies in the vicinity.And the realism of steering and driving make it really easy to stay on the road unless you’re flying down a hill a 100 mph in the car similar to a Ferrari haha,  then it’s not very good but otherwise it works ok.

My personal rating for this game is 8 out of 10 I gave it this rating because of the difficulty of the flying mechanics and because of the vast amount of missions to complete and terrain to explore.Thank you for reading my review and make sure to check back often because when I buy new games I will be writing my thoughts on the game but thank you for viewing my content and have a wonderful day.

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Watch Dogs 2

GameType: 3rd person Shooter, Open World

Release date: Nov 15th,2016



Play as expert hacker Marcus Holloway who has fallen victim to the Ct Os 2.0 algorithm framing him for a crime that he didn’t commit. your goal in this game is to find and eliminate every system related to Ct Os 2.0 and hack into them so you can disable them.Until they’re all eliminated and ultimately clear your name for good. In this open world style environment, all of your surrounding’s are interactive including traffic lights, road barriers, blockades, cranes, forklifts, scissor lifts, and pretty much any vehicle’s you can find.

But some of these hacks have to be unlocked by finding hack upgrade drives scattered throughout the world these allow you to enable these upgrades. And by playing through to missions you can level up your hacking LVL which in turn give’s you upgrade tokens which are then used to unlock these upgrades after finding the drives.

Personal Review

As a gamer, this is one of my personal fav’s because it has pretty much an endless list of activities and missions to complete throughout the game. I also like that fact that when you’re in a desperate situation which happens a lot throughout the game you can use the interactive aspect of the game to your personal advantage to complete missions and escape pursuers like police and enemies.

Whether its multiplayer orientated or single player only. There are collectibles placed throughout the open world to find which this alone keeps me pretty busy.  The missions can be very challenging to complete especially the missions based on hacking servers and hacking competitions that you must complete in order to beat the game.

The only thing I have found in a negative aspect is the fact that most of the missions are based around the same concept of killing enemies to get to junction boxes that need to be hacked in order to shut down the os 2.0  which after awhile  can get kind of boring if you just want to do main missions and complete the game.

But if you’re into that kind of thing then this games is for you. with that being said if I had to rate this game  I would give this game a general rating of 7 out of 10 because of the repetitiveness of the game and the fact that after a while the game can get kind of boring but if you like a challenge and completing missions that are based on the same general objective then you would enjoy playing this game.

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Sniper Elite 4

GameType/Genre: 3rd person shooter, open world

Release Date: February,14th,2017



Play as  ww2 sniper Karl Fairburne whose goal is to help the Italian resistance to find and eliminate the German Nazis occupying 1978 Italy. you must do this by killing Nazi soldiers and assassinating German Officers, Snipers and killing specialized jager soldiers equipped with a short range launcher.Which is devastating at mid range, eliminating Tanks disabling Anti-Aircraft guns destroying ammunition caches and destroying a hydrogen bomb plant. Along with uncovering secret Nazi weapon blueprints and other classified documents spread throughout the many missions.

Personal review 

Hello, this game is personally one of the most fun games I have ever played because of the scenic views highly detailed map graphics and the advanced sniping mechanics with bullet drop and slow-mo kill cam so you can watch your target get obliterated right in front of your very eyes.The game has a lot of bugs and glitches, for instance,  the enemies are kind of dumb you can hit an enemy with an unsilenced bullet and the other enemies won’t even bother to come find your location even though it says on the map they know where you are although this doesn’t happen very often throughout the game.

Another one I found is sometimes in the slow-mo kill cam it shows the bullet spinning horizontally but it will still hit the enemy causing blood to go flying upward. If you are hiding in a bush and a soldier just happens to walk close enough they will find you but sometimes you can’t get up fast enough to kill them and you end up dying.In one of the missions, I found a soldier trying to walk directly in front of a truck but he kept getting stuck on the front fender. One last one I found was if you walk behind or directly in front of an occupied tank it will detect your presence and star firing even though it can’t hit you.

Most of the glitches are more amusing and don’t have any effect on the gameplay itself. With all the glitches and bugs i would rate this at a 9 out of 10 just because of the fact that they don’t affect anything important to completing the game and also because this game has a very long campaign that will keep you playing for hours I personally have spent a good part of a day just beating one full mission. So I would definitely recommend purchasing this game.

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DeadRising 4

GameType: zombie survival / open world

Release Date:  December,6th,2017



Go back to the days of the original dead rising  in this fantastic open world zombie game where you go back to play as Frank west in his hometown of Willamette, Colorado only this time the game has changed not only do you get to go back to the old Willamette Mall you also get to explore the entire town of Willamette.

That’s filled with zombies and crazy people trying to kill you on your quest to take back each section of the town and uncover the reasoning for the outbreak’s occurrence. But soon after Frank is convinced to track down the obscuris corporation’s leader and gain access to his secret hard drive that contains the information needed to formulate a cure and by doing so find out who’s behind releasing the virus for the 3rd time.

Personal Review 

I as a gamer I have loved the dead rising franchise ever since the first dead rising came out way back when I was only like 12 ever since then I have been hooked on playing every installment that Capcom comes out with including this one which is the best one to come out yet.The reason I love this one the most is because something about killing zombies in a mall type setting gets me excited because everywhere you look there is something you can use to your advantage to mame and obliterate zombies plus the mechanics in this game compared to all the others are so much better.

They have a notification system which lets you know when you have found all the materials to make anyone of the improvised weapons that can be found by gathering each of the blueprints scattered throughout the game but some of these have to be unlocked by finding key’s which are strategically placed in certain locations.There are a huge amount of weapons to build, I personally played this game for countless hours each day until I played it all the way through and I still wasn’t able to construct them all. I didn’t find very many mechanical issues the ones I didn’t come across were minor from zombies getting stuck inside walls to zombies glitching out to the point where you couldn’t kill them right off the bat.

I would give this game a 9 out of 10 as far as game mechanics and story depth go and  also to the fact that they give you the option to purchase the season pass so even when you do get bored of the game you can still come back to it later after they release all the glorious DLC content they have to offer and have a whole new gaming experience.

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For Honor

GameType:  third person, midevel, sword fighting

Release Date: February, 17th, 2017



In this hack and slash sword fighting game, You play during the medieval time setting based in a mythical time period where you can play as three different factions including the Legion, the chosen, and the war born. These three represent the Knights, the samurais, and the Vikings. As you play through the different chapters of the game you take on the aspect of each faction.

All factions have four subclasses including the vanguards, the assassins,  the heavies and the hybrids, each class has its own skill set that makes them unique. The main goal of each chapter is to fight your way through each battle to find and kill major iconic leader’s in the story in doing this you will be put in various duel’s with the different antagonists which have their own weapons and skill’s and to counter their skill set moves you need to hit the correct button combo in order to defeat them successfully.


This game is very strategy  oriented in terms of play style and difficulty of each enemy which makes the game very frustrating if you aren’t a very patient person like me but in a general gamer standpoint this game has a lot of storyline depth and full lush scenery to keep you interested in playing not to mention the action-packed battles to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The mechanics of the game can be kind of confusing at times if you happen to forget what button combinations complete each of the player moves. can be annoying when dueling with higher difficulty NPCs it can make it difficult to counter their attacks so you might find yourself getting killed a lot during the game.

As far as bugs and gameplay glitches I haven’t found any so far on my first playthrough but the most frustrating thing in my opinion is the fact that if ur game freezes while ur trying to fight the very last boss the game makes you start the mission all other again so my personal rating for this is a 7 out of 10 stars mainly because of how frustrating the game can be but other than that if you don’t mind playing a game that has challenges then you would enjoy this game.

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