Release Dates For Xbox One Games- for the new year of january 2018!!


Hey, everyone, I’m back to share with you a post about Release Dates For Xbox One Games so if your curious to see what new games are coming please feel free to browse my article.

January 1st

Rad Rogers: World

The first game on for release dates for Xbox one games for the new year of January 2018 is A platformer Action Adventure Game being developed by Interceptor Entertainment and published by THQ Nordic for Xbox one/ one x, ps4, and PC in the game you take on the role of Rad a little boy who was sucked into his video game where he meets dusty a robot cube with huge arms who you will explore a platformer type game world filled with obstacles like robot monsters traps drop-offs and much more.


Rad and Dusty

mini portal world

shooting - robots

January  10th

Albert and Otto

2D platformer puzzles game being developed and published by K Bros Games for Xbox one/ one x, ps4, and PC. You take control of Albert and his little bunny Otto where you will venture through a dark puzzle-filled world where you will be able to use Otto to fit through tight spaces in order to open up pathways and complete each level and complete other puzzles along the way.






January  16th


An adventure, strategy, single-player game being developed by Warm Lamp Games and published by Alawar Entertainment on xbox one/ one x, ps4, mobile, and pc. In the game, the player takes on the role of a government-hired landlord whose job is to spy on the tenants by sneaking into their apartments and installing secret cameras to make sure they aren’t doing anything illegal like plotting against big brother.






An Adventure game being developed by PolkyKnight Games and published by Aspyr for xbox one/one x and pc.  In the game, you take control of a pilot who is part of a world known as the inverse along with his people who are ancestor of the original creators of the inverse and want to uncover its secrets.  When an archaeologist unlocks the key to opening the door leaving you with the task of entering and exploring the unknown of the inverse.





January 18th

Full Metal Furies

A platformer multiplayer battle game for xbox one, ps4 and pc. In the game, the player can customize their own digital character with different weapons and skills to use while taking on other players in a battle showdown filled with fast-paced hack and slash gameplay.






January 19th

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

A 2D platformer game being developed and published by YCJY to be released on Xbox one/ one x, pc, and osx. the plot of the game takes place where the main character of the story comes back from a long trip through space to find that earth has become all water and humans have died off and your objective is to explore the submerged world with your submarine and find out why humanity died off.





January 26th

Monster Hunter: World

An open world, action RPG, sword fighting game being developed and published by Capcom for xbox one/ one x, ps4, and pc. Gameplay is focused on a monster hunter who takes on jobs from given by the research commission to hunt down monsters both big and small and killing them for a price.






Dragon Ball FighterZ

A Fighting game being developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandi Namco Entertainment for release on xbox one/ one x,ps4, and pc. In the game, the player can choose from all the characters of the dragon ball franchise and use them to face off against other character NPCs or other players in different scenes from the tv show.




combo-attack     leg-sweep

Railway Empire

A train simulation game being developed and published by Kalypso Media for xbox one/ one x, ps4, and pc. In the game, the player is in charge of creating train routes and managing where the train travels to in an entire map of the united states and it also features a huge collection of different trains for you to choose from.








January possibly delayed 


An action platformer adventure game being developed and published by Towerfall on xbox one/ one x, ps4, switch, and pc. In the game, the player will have to jump over spikes and other obstacles in order to climb to the top of a mountain with each level being different from the next as far as surroundings and difficulty.






My Time Portia

An open world RPG crafting game being developed by Panthea games and published by Team17 Digital Ltd coming to xbox one, ps4 and pc. In the game, you can customize a small boy who has inherited his dad’s workshop. your goal is to gather supplies like stone, wood, etc. to make improvements to the old rundown workshop and also explore the small island of Portia.


character- creation




Mutant Football League

A football sports game being developed and published by Digital Dreams Entertainment for xbox one / one x, ps4, and pc. This  game is a football game different from the others where you are able to play as a variety of different creatures like (goblins, orcs, skeletons, robots) etc. gameplay is way different from what a normal game looks like because the field is full of different weapons that you can use against the opposing team to gain an advantage.







That’s all of the games that are coming in the month of January so what was your favorite game from the list and why? please leave your feedback in the comments section below thanks for reading.

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  1. Megan Reply

    Hi Casey, It looks like the Monster Hunter : world has great graphics. I love the idea of exploring fantasy worlds. I also like the look of the Rad Rogers : World. Thanks for the info

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      hey, Megan, i can definitely agree I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the Xbox one x anyway thanks for commenting have a good night

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