Open World Games Of 2017


Hello,  This post is centered around open world games of 2017 some of the games on this list are upcoming and some have been released already

Ghost Recon Wildlands This game is an open world shooter that was released march 7th,2017 the game is centred around completing various objectives like side tasks and campaign missions all focused on taking down a cartel that distributes cocaine and kills anyone who gets in their way, if u want more you can find the full review in the reviews category on the top bar above.










Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 This game is one of the best open world games of 2017 that i have seen so far because its the first title in the ghost warrior franchise thats open world and not lineal. It is a tactical sniper game that is soon to release on April 25th,2017 this game is focused on eliminating large groups of enemies in a stealthy manner while infiltrating many enemy encampments.

This game features bullet drop mechanics that give the player a little bit more of a challenge. If you’re interested in the game and want to learn more you can find the full review in the reviews tab located in the navigation bar.




Red Dead Redemption 2 An open world old west shooting and exploration game which will be releasing late 2017 on xbox one. the game is centered around exploring the old west as you take on missions for different protagonist’s throughout the game.

State Of Decay 2 Open world zombie survival game and sequel to the original state of decay. The game is based around creating and maintaining a home base by killing any threats that may come about as you start building a safe haven for survivors that you will meet as you fight your way through the different parts of the game. It’s set to release later on in 2017

zombie-cut-sceneupcoming xbox one game 

Crackdown 3– this is an open world 3rd person shooter based on a game that came out on the original xbox, also is an xbox exclusive and will be coming out late 2017 there isn’t an official release date at the moment.




Agents Of Mayhem- A futuristic open world shooter with a borderlands sort of feel but is based in the saints row universe, the game comes out on august,15th in us and august,18th in the UK.


Conan Exiles-  Is a current open word survival game produced by Funcom that was released on January 7th. In the game, the player has to survive a vast desert landscape under the scorching sun. Having to manage hunger thirst while warding off various enemies which includes other players in an open server type map and nonplayer NPC’s that are located in various encampments along with NPC creatures ie. Hyenas, Crocodiles Dragons.




StarWars BattleFront 2-  This game is an open world sequel to the first Starwars battlefront it will be released in November 2017 in the game you get to as either the dark side or as a Jedi. You get to fight using all the vehicles that the original battlefront game included. They are also going to be providing an actual storyline in this one unlike to original which only let you play the tutorial and the various battles throughout the Star Wars episodes.



Destiny 2-  This game is going to be similar to the first game only with a new story new guns and new loot. there isn’t much information on this games as of now cause it doesn’t come out until September,8th,2017 but later on, down the road, I will release new information as It comes along.









This is all I’ve got for now if any more open world games are revealed I will create an updated post at a later date if you have any questions or comment about any of the games listed above please feel free to leave feedback. Thank you all for viewing my post’s and have a wonderful day,

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