New Xbox Game Releases- August Edition 2017


Hi, everyone today I have a new Xbox game releases for August 2017 post that I would like to share with my followers if you’re interested in whats coming to Xbox one stay and browse im sure there’s something on this list for everyone thanks and enjoy.

August 1st

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the shotgun

The first new xbox one game release on my list is a stealth tactical video game being developed by Mimimi Productions and published by Daedalic Entertainment the plot is set during Japans Edo period where the recently elected Shogun has successfully unified Japan after a massive war.

When a new warlord named Kage-sama has emerged threatening the well being of their land so the Shogun has tasked a samurai and his team to find and defeat the warlord and his alliance.

stealth attack  long range attacks

hand-to-hand-combat   using-traps

The Long Dark

A post apocalyptic survival exploration game being developed and published by Hinterland Studio Inc, in the game you take on the role of a bush pilot who has crash landed in the Canadian wilderness after a global disaster.

the player must account for their body temperature, food intake, hunger, and thirst, fatigue, wind chill, and wildlife exploring the land for resources like sticks and rocks to make weapons and food items like berries and big game hunting you can also play in story mode and sandbox mode.

the-landscape  abandond-warhouse

abandond-store  hunting

August 2nd


A space station exploration game being developed by Fullbright and published by Indie. players take on the role of Amy Ferrier during her first day on the space station where she must explore the space station searching for intel on the history of the space station and its former crew members.

outside-the-ship  Cafeteria

antigravity  spacestation-entrance

Demetrios The BIG cynical Adventure

A single player point and click adventure game originally released on pc platforms being developed and published by COWCAT Games. in order to progress through the game,  the player must solve various puzzles and find certain objects which can be combined and used in certain places to open new passage ways.

facing-obsticals  Game-dialouge

puzzle-1  sitting-down-on-the-job

August 8th 

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

A vast collection of all the different mega man games released throughout the years all packed into one game. which is being developed and published by capcom.

MegaMan10  MegaMan9

MegaMan8  MegaMan7

Ark: Survival Evolved

A survival exploration game being developed and published by Studio Wildcard where the player take on the role of a male or female character who you use to collect building materials and resources, to survive the freezing cold by building a fire, making clothes with animal pelts, forging weapons to hunt, and a vast selection of dinosaurs of all types.

customization-menu  Hunting

Megalodon-in-the-water  chopping-down-a-tree

Masquerade: Songs and shadows

A tactical action RPG being developed and published by witching hour studios. the player takes on the role of an expert investigator known as Cicero Gavar who was banished for a crime against the state 5 prior. then he is asked to come back and help solve the mysterious kidnapping of the diplomat known as Razitof Azrus.

in-battle  exploring

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma

An adventure game being developed and published by Telltale Games. where the player takes on the role of Bruce Wayne as Batman who is tasked with finding the Riddler who has returned to Gotham city leaving his precarious puzzles at every city crisis. meanwhile, a ruthless federal agent and the joker have returned as well to wreak havoc on the city.

Bruce-wayne-talking  The-jokers-riddle-box


Sine Mora EX

A shooting game being developed by Digital Reality Grasshopper Manufacture and published by  Microsoft Studios, Kalypso Media, and THQ Nordic. the player take control of a gunship which the player will use to fight through waves of enemy ships and defeat bosses inorder to complete the game.

level-1  level-2

level-3  boss-fight

August 15th

Agents of Mayhem 

A third person open world action adventure game being developed by Volition and published by Deep silver gameplay is set in a futuristic version of Seoul south Korea in the city of tomorrow where the player can choose from 12 different agents and use them to explore the city and complete missions.

killing-an-enemy  causing-mayhem


The Pillars Of The Earth

An interactive novel game based on the book by Ken Follett gameplay is set in the fictional town of Kingsbridge England in the 12th century with game play centered around an interactive story about the process of building and architecture of an old cathedral  and how its infrastructure will lead to the development of Gothic architecture.

the-church  the-main-protagonist


the-church-square  the-main-protagonists-office

Sonic Mania/Collectors Edition

A side scrolling platform game being developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games and published by Sega. gameplay is centered around the old school game sonic the hedgehog featuring all the characters from the original version. the player takes control of sonic whos mission is to defeat his arch nemesis Dr. Robotnik.

bonuss-level  playing-as-knuckles



A cyberpunk horror game being developed by Bloober Team and published by Aspyr. the player takes on the role of a futuristic detective who works for a task force that hacks their targets memories and fears in order to find evidence of drug use and criminal activity.

in-his-cop-car   evidence-location-mode


August 18th

Rouge Stormers

A fantasy action game being developed and published by Black Forest Games. gameplay is centered around a multiplayer based game where the player can join their friends and fight through waves of orcs and goblins.

the-first-level  killing-enemies


August 22nd

The Escapists

A  puzzle RPG game being developed and published by Mouldy Toof Studios the player takes on the role of an inmate who must perform increasingly difficult prison escapes.

searching-for-a-way-out  objective-menu

the-commons-area  character-selection

August 23rd


A single player first person shooter puzzle game being developed and published by PIxel Maniacs. gameplay is focused on shooting work droids with a paintball gun to move the droids to the wall with the same matching color.

opening-the-door  pickingup-the-gun

training-headquarters-entrence  the-front-desk

August 24th

Train Sim World: Great Western  Express

A train simulation game being developed and published by Dovetail Games. in the game, the player takes control of one of many locomotives that the player can use to deliver freight and other items across the united states.

the game also uses a first person mode where the player can refuel the train, couple and uncouple train cars and operate rail switches when necessary.

inside-the-cabin  passanger-car-door

the-main-car  the-train-station

August 25th


A football simulation game being developed and published by EA Sports.  players can play as the manager of the team or as a player in any of the official NFL league teams.

and for the first time, EA has introduced a story mode into the game where players will play as Devin Wade an aspiring high school football player who wants to make it to the big leagues. story mode will feature high school games college games as well as NFL scouting events.

in-game-footage  on-offense


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy 

A compilation of the first three games that were released in the Shippuden game series.h gameplay is a story of an adolescent ninja called Naruto Uzumaki who dreams of becoming the leader of his village.

his-enemy  Natauro


F1 2017

A racing simulation game being developed and published by Codemasters. game play is focused on the real life racing mechanics of the formula 1 racing franchise featuring licensed cars, formula 1 teams, and circuit tracks.  where players can race in career mode against all of the teams together or make their own custom game.

rear-view  action-camera-view

first-person-view  rounding-a-corner

August 29th

Killing Floor 2

A first person shooter zombie game being developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. the game is the sequel to the original killing floor released in 2009.   the player can play singleplayer or multiplayer where you and your friends can team up and face off waves of zombies or zeds as the game refers to them.

the apocalypse was started by a bio tech company known as Horizne who unleashed a zombie virus that spread all across Europe in the new game the outbreak has spread beyond Europe and all governments and communication systems have collapsed.

fending-off-zombies  fighting-wiht-friends

exploring-the-map  identifying-enemies

Pillars of Eternity

An RPG game being developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Paradox Interactive.  the game takes place in the mythical world of Eora in the nation called dyrwood where the children are being born without souls.

the story begins when the protagonist of the story discovers that he has become a watcher which is a person that can see peoples past lives and interact with souls using this power the player must uncover the truth behind what is causing their children to be soulless at birth.

defense-circle  killing-enemies



A multiplayer first person zombie shooter game being developed by IIIfonic, Psyop Games and published by Maximum Games.for xbox one, Pc and Ps4 players will join a team which will face off against another team where they will each find a base that is infested with zombies who ever captures the most bases will win the match.

Automatic-assault-rifle  Scoped-crossbow

first-person-scoped  a-zombie



August 31st

Life is Strange: Before the storm

An episodic adventure game and the sequel to life is strange 1 being developed by Deck Nine and published by Square Enix for xbox one, Pc and Ps4. gameplay is centered around  Chloe price who has the ability to travel back in time in the first game this game, however, will not. the objective of the game is to use dialogue trees to make decisions that will set the stage for the story. the objective of the game is to change the outcome of a tragic event that threatens Chloe’s hometown.

the-protagonist  disabling-the-brakes

Stealing-money  interactive-menu

Resident Evil Revelations 2

An episodic zombie horror game being developed and published by capcom for xbox one, Pc and Ps4 the game  is a sequel to resident evil revelations and resident evil 5. gameplay takes place between the events of resident evil 5 and 6 where the player takes on the role of Claire Redfield who works at a biohazard prevention agency with Moira buton who is the daughter of Barry Burton.

the two find themselves kidnapped by masked assailants and taken to a secluded island called Zabytij which is full of zombies.

lock-in-a-dungeon  looking-for-clues

on-a-ledge  found-her-companion


Battlestar Galactica DeadLock

A 3D strategy game  being developed and published by Slitherine Software for xbox one, Pc and Ps4  the player takes control of the mobile shipyard known as the Daidalos where the are in charge of building a colonial fleet and use your fleet to save the Twelve colonies who are in the middle of the first Cylon war and need to be saved.

along the way, the player will also uncover more conspiracies within the midst of the war of the Cylon.

control-menu  fleet-managment-menu


The Coma  cutting class

An adventure horror game being developed by Devespresso Games and published by Digerati Distribution for xbox one, Pc and Ps4. the player takes on the role of  Youngho who is a Korean high school student that is trapped in the high school with a psychotic killer chasing him.

august-releases  dialogue-menu


That’s my list of August releases hope you found it interesting so whats your favorite game on the list? please leave your questions comments and concerns in the comment section below thanks for reading and have a good day.

Casey, Post Author



4 thoughts on “New Xbox Game Releases- August Edition 2017

  1. Otis Reply

    Hey great review of some new releases for August on XBOX ONE. I so happen to own an XBOX ONE. Love it. Of course I’m waiting on the 25th for the Madden 2018 to release. Absolutely love this game. Shadow Tactics sounds like its a great game. And since its out already, I just may look into purchasing it soon. I used to be a fan of the Resident Evil but not so much now. Thank you for writing this review. I enjoyed it.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, Otis thanks for commenting i’m a pretty big fan of resident evil but only the older games and the latest in the series resident evil 7 just because they bring it back to the old school style of resident evil where you explore and old abandoned creepy house with surprises at every corner. but anyway thanks for commenting and have a good night.

  2. shrey Reply

    Tacoma looks pretty amazing, the game graphics are pretty awesome and it definitely looks like a game that is worth the wait.
    I was planning on getting a new game and Tacoma seems like the perfect one, do you have any personal suggestions?
    Thanks for the amazing gaming list and hope to see better games this year!

    • gamer420 Reply

      hey shrey i personally have a few games  i want to checkout ark survival evolved,train sim western express,the long dark,tacoma, observer. but i can’t decide which one i want to play first though probably the long dark and then  train sim western express anyway thanks for the comment and have a good night

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