New Games On Xbox One In May


Hello, everyone in this article im going to be informing you about some of the new games on xbox one in may. So keep reading if you are interested in some of these recently released and upcoming games.

 May 2nd 

PortalKnights  A crafting adventure game where you take on the role of a warrior, mage or ranger as you travel between various sandbox islands that are connected by portals you find more portals by collecting ancient portal shards.


May 3rd

PlantBase– A strategy game where you control a group of space settlers in order to establish a settlement on a remote planet.


May 5th 

FlatOut 4: total insanity  The next installment in the FlatOut franchise this is a racing game in the demolition derby off road style of gameplay. Customize you own derby car and face off against other NPCs and players in multiplayer mode. 


DreamfallChaptersAn exploration game in the world of arcadia and stark. The game is centered around exploring the game world and solving puzzles the game is based on the first dream fall game. Want to know more? check out the preview section

different-locations    protagonist

WorldToTheWest An adventure game where the player controls four main characters to explore an unknown land based in the teslagrad universe. In order to find their destiny and discover new territories. Using their skill to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

gameplay  digging

Prey–  A first person shooter game developed by arcane studios and published by Bethesda softworks where the player takes on the role of morgan yu a test subject of experiments designed to improve mankind aboard a space station recently overtaken by an alien presence. 

crawlers     gloo-gun-body-scavainging


May 9th 

NBA playgrounds– A sports basketball game based on the NBA franchise where the players are animated miniatures of the real life players. You start by filling a roster from the available players at the start of the game and as you complete tournaments and online matches you unlock pack that contain new players.


May 16th

Don’tStarveMegaPack– A bundle that features the game don’t starve and a multiplayer expansion for the game. Don’t starve is a dark fantasy survival game where the player controls Wilson a scientist who was tricked into jumping into a portal to explore a strange new world filled with monsters. Want to know more visit the preview section


TheSurge– A science fiction action RPG about a corporation called creo that has created robotic work machines and exo suites that have taken over the creo facility after a global disaster. It’s the player’s job to battle your way through the complex using you own exosuit to uncover the truth.


Injustice 2–  A sequel to injustice gods among us centered around the efforts of superman to restore society after his superhero team has failed to contain the villains of the world, The player can select from a all the known superheroes from various comics and movies including superman, batman, the flash, ironman, visit the preview page if you want to learn more.

screech-ability    thore

 May 19th

Skylar&PluxAdventureOnCloverIsland–  A retro style action game where you take on the role of Skylar a feline with special powers. using her to prevent her creator CRT from conquering her homeland and making it a wasteland.

platformer-gameplay   space-scene

May 23rd

Mxgp3– The official motocross game where you get to customize your own dirt bike and race against NPCs and other players in multiplayer mode across various real world dirt bike tracks performing jump stunts and competitions.


May 26th

Rime-  A 3rd person open-world adventure and puzzle game centered around a young boy who has awakened on a secluded island after a severe storm. where you explore discovering animals ancient ruins and a massive tower at the center.


GetEven-   A first-person shooter being developed by the farm 51 about black and illegal investigator whose job is to gather evidence and cover up the truth for the government and VIP clients.

shooting-scene   outside-scene

Friday the 13th-  A semi open-world horror game based on the jason movies the game is an asymmetrical multiplayer  where one player is jason vorhees and the rest of the players are the camp counselors the main mission for the counselors is to escape the camp before either jason finds you or the time limit runs to zero. 

jason-drowning-counselor       jason-vorhees

May 30th

LocksQuest-  A real-time strategy game by THQ based on tower defense games where you build  a castle consisting of walls towers cannons and traps. Once complete you must protect your castle from enemies trying to overtake your castle.



That’s it for this month’s upcoming game releases. Do you like any of the titles above? please feel free to leave me some feedback i would love to hear from you all thanks for viewing my article register for a free subscriber account if you want to stay up to date on my posts and review as i add new content throughout the week.

4 thoughts on “New Games On Xbox One In May

  1. Mark Rutherford Reply

    Awesome!! Looking forward to rime release. So many good games available it’s hard to pick from. mxgp3 will be a cool one to.
    I like the motocross too. I really like being able to customize my ride. And the graphics and play just keep getting better
    Very cool. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Miles Reply

    Don’t judge me, but I am totally looking forward to the NBA Playgrounds release. I was always a fan of the over the top NBA Jam type games. Or the NBA street games. Just nice sometimes to do something a little out of the ordinary!!

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      hey, thanks for the comment and no judgments here I think the game looks pretty interesting myself they have an ios version on the android already I played it a little bit on my iPod touch its really fun game.

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