New Game Releases on Xbox One – june edition


Hi, everyone in this article I’m going to be viewing some of the new game releases on Xbox one in the month of June so if ur interested in what’s to come be sure to keep reading.

June 2nd


The first new game releases on Xbox one A fighting game based on the previous versions of Tekken developed and published by Bandi Namco Entertainment. This is the 9th installment of the Tekken franchise. Gameplay is focused on 1 on 1 battles between characters with base attacks and special ability attacks.

This version introduces two new fighting mechanics into the game.  Rage art- critical attacks that do 30% damage based on the skills of the character. Power Crush-  the player can complete an attack when being hit by their opponent.

1vs1-battle   characters


June 6th

Town of Light

A psychological thriller based horror game developed and published by LKA. Gameplay is inspired by true events where the player takes on the role of Renee in ex-patient of the Volterra mental hospital which is now in a state of decay. years after its closing Renee returns to the hospital to re-live the ghosts of his past by his traumatic experiences.

main-entrance    askew-tunnel

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

An expansion to Elder Scrolls online which is an online based multiplayer game based on the Elder Scrolls series. the expansion allows the player to travel to the island of Vvardnfell, some of the locations within the island include Ald’ruhn, Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Vivec City. 

the new expansion also includes some new key features a new Class: Warden  a New game mode called battlegrounds  where players can face off in deathmatch, capture the flag, with more modes to be announced later on,

character-interaction   the-town-of-vivec


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

An episode based adventure game developed and published by Telltale Games. gameplay is based on the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.  the player takes on the role of  Star-Lord whose job is to protect an ancient artifact that the guardians uncovered and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

the player’s role is to complete timeline sequences and explore the map during your exploration you must make important choices via dialogue these actions determine how things turn out throughout each of the episodes.

main-characters   the-guardians-ship


Dirt 4

A rally racing game based on the Colin McRae  Dirt franchise also the 12th installment of the series. Gameplay is centered around completing time trial events both on and off the pavement in a dynamic weather setting.

Races take place in five different locations; Fitzroy Australia, Tarragona Spain, Michigan in the USA, Varmland Sweden and Powys Wales. the game features cars from different classes and time eras spanning for the  1980s to 2010  car-selection  track-selection                                race-in-progress


June 13th

cars 3: driven to win

A driving game based on the Cars movie franchise being developed by Avalanche Software and being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. the player will be able to take control of the 20 playable franchise characters featured in the various, Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally Carrera.

Gameplay takes place in correlation with the official film the game features various locations in radiator springs and in the Florida International Speedway where the player is able to collect weapons on the track and use them to eliminate other characters during races.

race-start   stunt-race


June 15th

MotoGP 17

A  motorcycle racing game based on the official MotoGP race league developed by Milestone the game includes official race tracks, Riders, Teams, and motorcycles ranging from 4 strokes,2 stroke 500cc, 2stroke 250cc and 2 stroke 125cc. gameplay is centered around the player going head to head with other teams to win various events.

inGame-racing    inGame-race-turns

Tour de France 2017

A pro cycling race game based on the Tour de France annual championship where the player takes control of one of many official pro cyclists and compete against other cyclists in a cross-country race in order to come out on top.

race-finish-line   race-in-progress

June 20th

MXGP 3: Official Motocross Videogame

The official motocross video game of the mxgp franchise developed by Milestone featuring real riders motocross tracks and dirtbikes. the player takes control one of many riders to compete in different racing activities throughout the game.  the game world features dynamic weather and real world physics.

race-countdown   race-in-progress

bike-customization-menu   race-start-lineup

Dead by Daylight

A survival horror game developed by Behavior Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios. during gameplay, the player assumes the role of one of many killers or survivors ie.the survivors: jake park, Meg Thomas, Dwight Fairfield, Claudette morel, Nea Karlsson, Laurie Strode, William Bill Overbeck, ace Visconti or Feng-min. killers: the trapper, the wraith, the hillbilly, the nurse, Michael Myers, the hag or the doctor

Only four players can partake at a time 3 play survivors and 1 is the killer the other 3 must elude the killer who ever survives the killer the longest wins the game if all 3 die then the killer wins the round.  this takes place in one of the following areas ie, forest, junkyard, cornfield, an asylum, a gas station, dark swamp, the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, and a treatment theater.

the-killer    killers-weapon-of-choice


Marvel Heros Omega

A free to play massive multiplayer open world ARPG game based on the Marvel franchise developed by Secret Identity Studios and published by Gazillion. The player is able to take control on any of the superheroes in Marvel universe ie, (SpiderMan, CaptainAmerica, The Incredible Hulk, Deadpool, Mrs. Marvel, SuperMan) some of the characters have to be purchased via the Microsoft store 

in game interaction consists of battling villains and criminals in order to level up your superhero to unlock skills which enable new moves better weapons and explosive devices etc.

some-of-the-heros   skills-menu  captain-america-in-battle    the-hulk

Dungeon Defenders 2

A co-op and single player action role-playing tower defense game based on the first Dungeon Defenders game developed and published by Trendy Entertainment. in the game players must build defenses in a strategic manner in order to take back the land of Etheria which has been invaded by enemies players can also collect loot to better their defenses.

main-character   in-game-gameplay

June 23rd

Micro Machines World Series

An arcade style racing game based on the MicroMachines toy franchise developed and published by Codemasters.  the game features any of the currently available micro machines ie. spy car, hovercraft, dump truck, tank and much more the cars feature an arsenal of different weapons equipped on the cars which players can use to take out their opponents while competing in races.

cop-car-vs-snow-machine   vehicle-selection


Get Even

A first person thriller developed by The Farm 51 and published by Bandi Namco Entertainment. gameplay brings the player into a singleplayer and multiplayer combined world where what the player does in the game determines their character’s personality and how gameplay unfolds the plot is centered around Black who is an investigator who does odd jobs for the government and other wealthy clients.

evidence   dark-hallway


June 27th

Valkyria Revolution

An RPG game originally based in Japan developed by Media Vision, gameplay is focused on the country of Jutland which is in a war with the Providence if ruzhien a powerful empire that has expanded its territory, where the player sets up a base with other players and battle against enemy soldiers.

soldiers-vs-machines  in-game-battle

The Golf Club 2

A simulation golf game developed by HB Studios and published by Maximum Games which features a career mode and an online mode where the player can play with other player groups. gameplay is centered around the sport of golf with realistically configured courses and golf clubs.

 main-menu  putting-the-ball

That’s my full list of releases for the month of June, have and questions or comments about any of the game listed above? please feel free to leave some feedback in the comments section below and i will respond within 24 hours thanks for reading and have an awesome day.

Casey, Article Author


6 thoughts on “New Game Releases on Xbox One – june edition

  1. Manasir Reply

    Hello Casey – thanks for this article I’m a video game lover and I’m right now into Xbox. And this release gave a good details on which game I would love to go for Xbox. My interest in games are racing and fight – so from your article my picks are moto GP 17 and tekken7. I’m die hard fan of WWE could you please suggest or let me know is there an Xbox game for it and if so some details would be 😊 good ?

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      There is a WWE game for xbox WWE 17 an awesome simulation game with realistic graphics and real wrestlers from the franchise really fun game I’ve played it myself really awesome game. thanks for commenting and happy gaming

  2. Arief Wibowo Reply

    Ahh. Why did I land here? I must have tortured myself with this post. A list of great games.
    Do I have enough money to buy some of them?

    I think I will have to choose between Tekken 7 and MotoGP 17 first.

    Do you have anything on games for Toddler?

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, a couple recommendations I can make for toddler-friendly games are zoo tycoon and Hasbro family fun pack. hope this helps thanks for the comment.

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