Hands On Review Of The New Farcry5 – One of The Best Games In The Franchise!!


Hello, everyone hope you’re all having a good weekend today im doing a hands-on review of the new farcry5  so I hope you’re hyped to hear about this new installment of farcry that just came out a few weeks ago.

About the game

      Game Type:   Open-World, first person, action, adventure                             

      Console: xbox one,ps4 and pc

      Price: $59.99

      Best Place To Buy:  ebay

Description enemy-spotted

The game takes place in hope country Montana where a very powerful cult has taken the residence hostage at ther stronghold where they will be forced to take a mind control drug called bliss which puts you into a mind inducing trance leaving you at the mercy of the cult to fully execute their plan to convert every last person so they are in complete control.

Thats where you come in as you take on the role of a sheriffs deputy who is one of the last few who weren’t  taken by the cult which will  lead you on a perilous and treacherous journey to defeat the preacher and his group of cult members and along the way you will help other survivors who will eventually help you defeat him.

The game gives you a ton of different tools that you can use to help you defeat the cult such as (assault rifles, RPGs, flamethrowers, grenades, special ammo types, bows) etc. and as for your transportation they also have you covered there too they have cars, trucks, planes, copters you name it.

This game features an all-new selection of perks for you to upgrade your weapons and abilities, along with all the killing you can also take a little time off from killing cultists and go fishing for the most difficult fish like smallmouth bass and rainbow trout along with fishing, the map is also filled with different hunting locations where you can find different types of game like ducks, bears, rabbits, badgers, cougars etc. you can use their skins to sell to different vendors scattered across the map to earn money so you can buy new weapons and vehicles.



  • has amazing graphics
  • offers a decent challenge to the gameplay
  • wide variety of things to do
  • freedom to do what you want
  • wide selection of different weapons
  • available at a decent price


  • has a few glitches
  • has elements of in-game purchases
  • mechanics are kind of whacky sometimes when climbing or flying
  • doesn’t have the option to play in the third-person like other franchises offer


final conclusion

As you can see the pros outweigh the cons this being said I wouldn’t be recommending this game if it wasn’t something id play myself but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good action-packed first-person shooter and who is looking for something to keep you busy on a long boring day. anyway, thanks for reading my review if you have any questions or comment about the game feel free to leave your response in the comments section down below and if you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so you don’t miss any of my posts.


Have a good rest of your night.

Casey, Post Author

6 thoughts on “Hands On Review Of The New Farcry5 – One of The Best Games In The Franchise!!

  1. Lynne Reply

    Hey Casey,
    Sounds just like the type game my daughter would love! Have a question for you though. In the cons you say it cannot be played first person but then in your conclusion you say it is a first-person shooter game. Just wanted to clarify if first-person play is available for this game.
    Thanks for the review!

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, Lynne, the game is in first person but doesn’t have the option to play in the third person sorry for the confusion anyway thanks for commenting and have a wonderful night

  2. jackie thompson Reply

    Looks like an interesting game. The price is about average for games. I have found that many games have ingame purchases rather than a subscription for the game. Im not too sure about xbox games because my game of choice are PC games. I may be investing in an xbox however for my grand kids and this may be a game that they enjoy.

  3. Jeremy Reply

    I love far cry 5 for the new approach it takes to the series. Gone are the boring ‘checklist’ things to do, which are now replaced with a more streamline and overall immersive UI interface.

    I could get lost in the game for hours fighting them ‘PEGGIES’.

    Thanks for the great review mate:)

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      Hey, Jeremy, thanks for commenting and I can agree with ya there im addicted to it my self personally I like going fishing anyway have a good night.

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