Destiny 2 Game Review- Experience Destiny Like Never Before!!


Hi, everyone today here to share with you my personal review of Destiny 2  and my personal opinion on destiny the franchise.

console: Xbox One

Game: Type: open world third and first person shooter

current bid price: $7.00

Best Place To Buy: Ebay


Destiny 2 Description- 

Destiny 2 is a Multiplayer Open-World Action shooter game based on the original installment known as Destiny both developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Destiny 2 is set to be released on September 8th for XboxOne, Pc, and Ps4,

The Plot is set a year after the events that took place in the original Destiny where the Red Legion cabal faction a large race of amphibians who have attacked the Last City led by their commander Dominus Ghaul.

Ghaul wants the Guardians powers for himself and his people he eventually succeeds in stripping the Guardians of their powers forcing them to flee the last city and find a way to gain new powers so that they can face Ghaul and travel to a different planet in the universe.

Weapons and Abilities

Destiny 2 will feature new weapons. Players, unfortunately, will not be able to keep their old gear from the first game. in the new installment, the weapons are categorized into 3 different types ie. kinetic. energy and power weapons unlike the last installment where they were separated by primary, secondary, and heavy.destiny2-review

Will also feature new abilities in the same base classes as the first installment only they have now added subclasses of each class these are the only subclasses that have been revealed so far.

  • Dawnblade–  A solar Warlock which allows the player to fly and wield a fire slinging  sword
  • a Void Titan–  Allows the player to summon a shield which can be bashed into enemies and thrown towards them like Captain America in a Destiny style gameplay.
  • Arch Hunter– not much info other than this class wields a lighting staff.

Multiplayer, loading times, new locations and Matchmaking

They are making some changes to multiplayer like adding 4 versus 4 gameplay across all multiplayer modes. A more advanced hud which will provide more specific info like if the other players have access to their superpowers or not and if they have power ammo on their person which allows for a more strategic play style.

one other feature they are adding is a new countdown game mode that features an attack and defense system in the game.

Destiny2 will feature the ability to load into new missions, patrols, and public events without having to return to orbit beforehand drastically improving loading times and intervals between gameplay.destiny2-review

Bungie is adding new Adventures or missions where the player will be sent on specifically tasked missions during which you will be able to discover new sectors and hidden dungeons that contain bosses and bonuses loot. All the missions and events and sectors will be easier to find using a new map system that will show exactly where everything is.

the new destiny contains new world locations for the player to explore and discover

  • European dead zone  The first main location at the beginning of the game.
  • Titan– The moon of Saturn that is filled with human-built structures from the old world along with oceans.
  •  Nessus– an old planetoid which was taken over by the vex and converted into a machine world.
  • io, the moon of Jupiter– a baron planet.


Bungie is adding clan support to the game to solve an old problem where in the original matchmaking wasn’t included because of negativity between players and toxic playing environments. clan features will include the ability to create a custom banner and clan names and clan progression and rewards for clan engagement.

Players will also be able to join other players clans during guided solo missions during Raids, Trials, and Nightfall strikes. you can also open your clan party to solo players who need a hand

my personal opinion on the franchise

Destiny, in my opinion, is a really fun and extensive game as far as game objectives and events the story, however, is not as great so im hoping that Bungie sticks to their word and makes an actual story mode structure which in my opinion in itself would make the game a whole lot better and a whole lot less repetitive in terms of objectives for each planetary location.

in my experience playing the game, the enemies can be hard to kill depending on the weapon you are carrying and the difficulty of the location that you are in. Other more experienced gamers playing in your lobby can also make the game no fun if you are not a very experienced player and have a hard time with the firing mechancis for the different gun types this also depends on how high of a level your character is in the game.

Finding better weapons becomes alot more scarce once you are at a higher rank so im glad to see that they are adding a new arsenal of weapons and armor to Destiny 2. I would personally rank the old destiny at a 7 out of 10 just because of how repetitive the game events and objectives can be especially one you complete the main tasks, one good thing I can say is that exploring the many maps and killing enemies for loot is what made me continue playing the game.

Reasons to Pre-Order the New Destiny 


  • new weapons and armor
  • better story missions
  • added player clan support
  • new planet locations
  • ability to explore plants more extensively than before
  • transfer old character onto the game


  • players cannot bring gear from the first destiny into the new game


as you can see above the pros of this game greatly outweigh the cons so if you are interested this game I have provided a link below so that you can pre-order directly through Amazon marketplace which is that cheapest place i have found to get this game and if you do they have a special offer going on  if you order now you get early access to the closed beta before release.

that’s my review of Destiny 2  I hope you found it helpful so what are your experiences playing Destiny? and did you enjoy playing the game?  if you have any Questions or Comments please feel free to leave you input in the comments section down below.

Thanks for reading and have an AwesomeDay,

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6 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Game Review- Experience Destiny Like Never Before!!

  1. Ben Reply

    You really do love games mate. I do too, but more of soccer guy kinda person. I noticed this article is filed under ‘uncategorised’, I think you should correct that error and post it to the appropriate category. Except of course if it was done on purpose?

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      hey, thanks for the advice I corrected the error it’s now categorized I didn’t realize that i had not categorized it yet. I’m personally a fan of all different types of games from racing games to first person shooters. anyway, thanks for the comment and have a good one

  2. jairo Reply

    I have no experience in video games, but I want to buy one for my nephews. That is not violent and that they can enjoy it in the summer. I would prefer one of the sports, which one you recommend me?

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      If your nephews like sports racing games I would recommend Forza horizon 3 or Dirt rally if you’re looking for a football game I would recommend madden NFL 17. hope this helps thanks for the comment.

  3. Matthew Owen Reply

    I’m a 38 year old grown man…but once a gamer…always a gamer. love the look of Destiny 2 and how you have described it, but is it like final fantasy? I wasn’t too fussed on that.cheers

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      it has more of a space shooter feel to it like mass effect or dead space it’s nothing like final fantasy thanks for commenting

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