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Hello, today i’m going to be reviewing some of the older zombie games that have been recently ported to xbox one the games in this post are all similar in some way others are diversely unique and have plenty of opportunity for zombie slaying. so hope you like this post and please enjoy.

State Of Decay

GameDescription- This game is one of the best zombie games for Xbox one thats an open world realistic zombie survival game that was originally released in 2013 on the xbox 360 then it was rereleased in 2015 on the xbox one console. Essentially your main goal in the game is to move from town to town creating refuge’s for any survivors that you might come across in the game

The game doesn’t really have an intro to the story the game starts with the main protagonist and his friend next to a lake after a hunting trip gone awry with zombies roaming around when one attacks his companion.

Then you have to save him then venture toward the small woodland town filled with loads of zombies. Eventually, your first mission is to clear out the town while you explore and look for supplies and food along with other survivors. After you accomplish this task you must establish your first safe house in order to progress to the next task in the game.


PersonalOpinion- This is one of the best zombie games for xbox one because of the survival aspect of the game a you haven’t played it yet you should definitely consider picking up a copy before getting into state of decay 2 which will be releasing later on this year.

The main story is more of a complete one task in order to accomplish another type of story. Apart from all other zombies game’s its the most realistic in my opinion because in order to survive and continue exploring through each town in the game you have to collect supplies and food for your personal character and for your home

You have to move through the city in a cautious manner if you don’t have a car or weapons because it’s like the realistic zombie movies where the zombies in the game move along the city streets in hoards they can range from small to large in size.

So if you are stranded and have to travel on foot try to avoid the streets if possible if you have to make sure you have a weapon handy in the case that you don’t you can find weapons randomly placed in houses and buildings.

So be sure to explore every building cause there are supplies in most open building’s when you discover a large quantity of resources the game gives you the ability to radio in a group of survivors who will bring them back to your refuge. This is crucial because you need these supplies in order to build out the different sections of your survivor refuge.

Make sure you keep the morale for the survivors who live in your refuge up, you can accomplish this by interacting with them by having a conversation with the NPC and by making sure they all have a place to sleep and making sure they feel safe from the lurking threat outside of the camp.

This is important because the people you bring back to your refuge will go out and scavenge for supplies. Like more food, guns, melee weapons, and ammo but they will not do this if they are lacking morale this is crucial to being successful when beating the game.


    Description-   Dead island is an open world zombie survival adventure game the was originally released in 2011 on the xbox 360 but was recently rereleased on the xbox one as a remastered version bundled with dead island riptide and all the dlc’s.

Set on the secluded island of banoi where you play as a survivor of the outbreak and the main goal for the player is to scavenge each section of the game for medical supplies like painkillers health packs and food items. This is important to keeping your health level up.

And is vital in order to stay alive when you face more difficult types of zombies.because like the game left 4 dead this game has different types of zombies like runners, walkers, crawlers and brutes.

PersonalOpinion– This game is one of the best zombie games of its release year because it’s kind of like left for dead only a little better in terms of a broader selection when it comes to weapons and upgrades and a muchbest-zombie-games larger map too.

I personally love this game because there aren’t very many zombie exploration games that let you explore a whole island and the buildings too.

Aside from its sup par xbox 360 graphics and the various glitches, it has a lot of lengthy dialogue and cutscenes which give the storyline a lot of depth.

That definitely keeps you playing the game, in the long run, you will spend countless hours slaying zombies and rummaging through buildings because in order to beat each mission and advance chapters you must do exactly that. so if you love playing large maps with various amounts of zombies and a very lengthy storyline I would personally say that this game is worth investing your money into.

 DeadRising 3

Description- Dead rising 3 was released in 2013 as a sequel to dead rising 2 and was also a launch title for the xbox one console. This game is set in modern-day open-world California in a fictional city known as Los Perdido’s 10 years after the fortune city outbreak.  best-zombie-games-of-all-time

In the story, you play as nick Ramos a young mechanic the game starts 3 days after the initial outbreak after nick unreluctantly goes out on a search for supplies.

Then after his failed search, he heads back to an old diner where the group he had been traveling with is waiting for his arrival.

Once they’re reunited a horde of zombies overtakes the diner killing two more of the survivors in the group then nick and the remaining group member’s are forced to kill the zombies and make it back to Rhonda’s garage where they discover that the military is going to bomb the city in 6 days.

They drive to a military checkpoint which has been overtaken by a group of very unfriendly bikers then you playing nick has to defeat all the members of the gang and the leader.

After doing so you meet up with an old friend that informs nick and the group that there is an old airplane then they decide to find the missing parts and repair the plane and escape before the military arrives.

PersonalOpinion- This particular dead rising is my favorite because it set’s the bar for dead rising 4 which is similar to this one in a lot of ways. And it has a map bigger than dead rising and dead rising 2 comdead-rising-3-mapbined

Dead rising 3  in my personal opinion is one of the better zombie games that have come out for xbox one. It was the first truly open world zombie game of its release year. As you are able to explore the entire city at once, unlike dead island which only let you explore as the game progresses.

As you are able to explore the entire city at once, unlike dead island which only lets you explore as the game progresses.

It’s the first sequel that doesn’t contain a countdown timer to beat the game in and the first game that doesn’t need a work bench in order to modify weapons meaning you can build weapons on the go.

If anyone can say that this game is worth trying it definitely would be me cause I have played all of the dead rising games and I can honestly say that this the title in the franchise aside from dead rising 4 which is the most current installment.


description-  dying light is an open-world zombie survival adventure game that was released in 2015 on xbox one but was originally released on the xbox 360 but was canceled due to compatibility issues at the time.

the game is set in the city of harran which is now a quarantine zone filled with crazy zombies that become harder to kill whenzombie-games the sun goes down and hostile enemies trying to survive. The game is centered around a military agent kyle crane whose job is to infiltrate the city.

In order to find political figure Kadir raies suidaman who could hurt the reputation of his agency.

But he has gone rogue withing the quarantine zone when he arrives he must decide between finding the minister or helping the survivors.

The game has a melee parkour combat style using mainly handheld weapons that wear out after prolonged use and can only be repaired only a few times using supplies around the island which can be extremely difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. they are mostly found in open buildings and in supply drops.

The game does have firearms but only pistols, shotguns, rifles and one automatic weapon. You don’t acquire any guns until about halfway through the game. One plus is guns do not need to be repaired but ammo is difficult to find for them.

PersonalOpinion– This game is a very difficult to play in terms of availability of weapons and scarcity of supplies, the zombies can be hard to defeat when your trying to fight off other survivors at the same time,

Exploring can be hard to do when you have hordes of zombies chasing you but you don’t have any weapons to fight with as there are weapons around but the best ones are only located on tops of buildings this is where the parkour aspect comes in handy. Some supply drops are harder than others to collect as each building requires specific tasks in order to be able to climb up it.

And when nightfall comes things can get very interesting cause at night the zombies transform into giant monsters that can run faster and jump from building to building and if you encounter one the best thing to do is run unless you have an automatic weapon

The maps general size can make the game very lengthy in terms of exploration which by itself can consume an entire day since the game is centered around scavenging for weapons an supplies but some of you might enjoy that aspect on a boring rainy day.

If your patient and enjoy a long storyline with lots of very difficult enemies zombies included. Time-consuming exploration which is necessary for game completion. And lots of jumping, climbing and traversing and not to mention the hack n slashing of zombies then this game is definitely an excellent buy for you.


Description–  Resident evil 6 is a 3rd person shooter action adventure game published by capcom back in 2012 on xbox 360 and ps3. It was then re released back on xbox one with downloadable content on march 29th, 2016. the game has a more linear storyline similar to the other resident evil installments.

In the game the player gets to play as four different protagonists, Chris red field a former member and founder of the bioterrorism security assessment alliance also known as (BSAA) who was traumatized by a failed operation.

Leon s. Kennedy who is a survivor of the raccoon city outbreak and an agent for the U.S government.   jake muller the illegitimate son of Albert Wesker and an associate of sherry Birkin.

And Ada wong who is a freelance agent. who gets framed for the bio-terrorist attacks that neo umbrella corporation committed.

The story is centered around their four different scenarios during the attack from the main menu you get to play as each throughout the game from the start you can play as zombie-survivalanyone to start.

During each scene, the player has to complete quick time events where they must follow on screen prompts and press a combination of buttons and manipulate the joysticks in order to complete certain battles with enemies.

All protagonists have their own unique abilities ie.faster load time or more capacity for ammunition and play style, for example, one character might be more susceptible to attacks whereas another character might not be.

Each character has their own companion during each scenario who can just be an ai or played via local co-op mode or online.

This installment features new and innovative game mechanics like being able to roll in any direction being able to run and slide whilst shooting. Also, includes a new healing method of these tablets which can be created using the green herbs which can be found throughout the game.

PersonalOpinion–  This game, in my opinion, is a really fun game to play it has a great storyline plot with diverse scenarios between each character and has a play style similar to the original resident evil game which back in the day was one of my favorite games to play.

The graphics aren’t that great, to begin with being a 360 centered game but in terms of zombie zombie-survivalencounters, it has plenty of opportunity for shooting and slaying.

The bosses make the game hard to beat making the completion time of the game for the player a lot more time consuming if you don’t play for hours on end like hardcore gamers do.

This game is for anyone who loved to play any of the previous installments of the game that being said I recommend this game to all zombie game lovers because you can’t love zombie games and not have played at least one of the resident evil games.

That’s  all the best zombie games that I could find that have an xbox one port of some kind so if you have any suggestions on other titles that I may have missed  any questions or comments on any of the games listed above please feel free to leave me a comment and I will gladly answer any of your questions.

Thank you so much for giving my content a view and be sure to check my page periodically for new and upcoming game release for xbox one  as i post new content often.

11 thoughts on “Best Zombie Games For Xbox One!

  1. Dira Reply

    I’m familiar with Dead Rising and resident Evil. Didn’t know about the other ones. After reading your posts Dead Islands is the one that is the most interesting to me: playing large maps and a very lengthy story line. Zombie games have been there for many years and its good to have an honest opinion about the games. Thanks for sharing your views.

  2. GiuliaB Reply

    I must admit, Casey, I am not a gamer as such, but I like to explore gaming sites to gather inspirations and ideas on the latest or best game to treat my son to. I love your offering tips to avoid the ‘badies’, I must admit. I can imagine for this reason, if not anything else, you must have a healthy follow to your site.
    You are giving me much food for thought with such a wide selection of zombie based stories to choose from. Particularly with regards to the first one you mention however, State of Decay: you say it will be discontinued later this year. Does that mean that I am find it at cheaper prices towards the end of its production, as game shops may want to get rid of the actual stock?
    Thank you.

  3. casey ehnes Post authorReply

    in response to your question i would imagine that yes you probably could find it at a discounted price near the end of its production. and also there is set to be a sequal release for Xbox one later on this year too which is supposed to be way better so if your willing to wait it might be in your best interest.
    thanks for the comment.

  4. shrey Reply

    Zombie games are always interesting and one fo my favorites has been the dead rising 3. I have been playing that for quite some time now although I think it is time to get on another zombie game addiction.
    Resident evil is one of my favorites and I have played the January release in VR! I think I would try the Dying light!

    • gamer420 Reply

      hey, shrey i would defenitly agree that dying light is a great choice i my self loved playing this game because of its uniqueness from all the others.

      thanks for the comment and have a good night

  5. jeffrey16201 Reply

    Zombie movies and games are awesome, I am a big fan of zombie movies and my nephews are big fans of the zombie games.

    You have given me some great choices for gifts for my nephew’s with these games you have shared, my nephew’s will love them now all I need to do is figure out how to choose the best game any ideas?

    • gamer420 Reply

      hey, jeffrey16201

      the game i would start off with is dead rising 3 or if ur looking for a more current title of the same franchise then capcom just released dead rising 4 in december which is the sequel to the other title. hope this helps

      thanks for commenting and have a great night

  6. Oliver Reply

    I’m an Xbox gamer myself, but I’m not into the zombie genre and don’t own any zombie games, although I found this article interesting. I think I haven’t let myself try a zombie game and may be more open to them in the future. Great article and website, I’ll definitely check out more.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      thanks for commenting and you should try a least one zombie game and then decide whether you like them or not to start try deadrising 3 or 4

  7. Max Reply

    I was waiting to see A Resident Evil on the list, but part 6 is old beat it couple yrs ago. I have grown up on Resident Evil zombie games and other zombie games usually fall short of my standards. Are there any of these games similar to RE that you would recommend the most?

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      My best recommendation would probably be dying light if you haven’t played that it isn’t like your normal zombie game the zombies transform at night and are extremely hard to kill anyway hope this helps and thanks for commenting have an awesome night.

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