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Hello, everyone today I’m going to be reviewing CallOfDuty WWII the best first-person shooter on xbox one and the next title in the franchise in this article I will be writing a review the game and provide some opinions I have on the franchise so if ur a call of duty fan I would recommend reading this article.

About the game

Game Type:  First Person Shooter

console: Xbox One

Price: $40.00

Best Place to Buy:  Ebay


Game Description

An Upcoming first-person shooter scheduled to release on November 3rd,2017 for Xbox One. The game is being published and developed by Sledgehammer Games.

Set in the world war II era of Normandy, France bringing the game back to a reimagined game setting based on the original version medal of honor that was a ps2 combat game and call of duty world at war.

Gameplay is set around the u.s entering into Normandy on D-Day back in 1944 to 1945 when they first landed on Omaha Beach in Normandy to fight against thGermanan Wehrmacht infantry the player takes on the role of Ronald ried daniels who is a young us army private in the 1st infantry division.

Fighting alongside the French resistance and the 16th infantry regiment as you fight your way up the beach  Paris France and across the French/German border into Germany in order to win the war against the German regime.

As you progress you will experience realistic WWII scenarios including classic wartime battle scenes real European landmarks and actual war settings including the Hurtgen forest separating the German and French borders from Paris France into Germany.

unlike the previous versions of call of duty where you can just hide behind a rock and instantly regain health in Call Of Duty WWII, you must request med kits, and ammo you can also request covery fire in tight

The game features a wide variety of classic  WWII guns like the bolt action rifle: M1903: semi-auto rifles: SVT-40, Gewehr 43, M1 Grand, STG-44, M1A1 CARBINE submachine guns: the Thompson M1927, Grease gun/sten. Machineguns: BAR, MG42, Browning M1919, side arms: M1911, LUGER P08 the M9A1 BAZOOKA  the M2 Flamethrower and us and German grenades.

Also, contains historic WWII vehicles like the German junker JU87 aircraft and American B-25 Mitchell and the P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft. Tanks like the German panzer iv and tiger ii and the American M4 Sherman tank. The American landing craft. ground vehicles like the German cd. Kfz  251 and the American M3 Half Track

Personal Opinion

Im a big call of duty fan, I didn’t get a chance to play all the titles that were featured on the ps2 or xbox consoles back when it was first released. I did, however, play call of duty world at war, call of duty modern warfare, call of duty modern warfare 2, call of duty black ops call of duty black ops 2 all featured on xbox 360 and xbox one consoles.

I stopped playing the game because the futuristic aspect got a little boring after they released call of duty modern warfare 3 but since the reveal of call of duty WWII I am personally gonna give the franchise another chance just because of my interest in  anything WWII related and because it gives a new aspect on the medal of honor and world at war versions of call of duty so if you like first-person shooters based on historic warfare I would recommend pre-ordering this game.

pros and cons


  • The game gives a fresh new experience to WWII
  • Features a wider variety of guns than its counterpart
  • Has Xbox one graphics with 780p HD  or 4k on Xbox one s
  • Has a more historic based gameplay than medal of honor
  • CallOfDuty always has an in-depth single player campaign


  • call of duty multiplayer is glitchy
  • game servers a are glitchy
  • call of duty zombies has been re-vamped excluding the mystery box

That’s my review hope you found this review helpful. what kind of experiences have you had playing call of duty? And do you plan on pre-ordering the game? Please leave me your feedback below I would really love to hear your personal experiences. 

Thanks for reading.  

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2 thoughts on “Best First Person Shooter On Xbox One- CallOfDutyWWII Review

  1. Maurice Reply

    Before viewing this site, I never knew much about gaming. The graphics you show here awesome. The review of this game and what I like especially is how you set the scene for the game. Like I said I am not a gamer so I did not pick up a lot of the terminology, but this game and your review has peeked my interest.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      hey thank you for the comment gamer or not I’m glad to see even though you are not a gamer you took interest in my post that really means alot to my call of duty is an awesome franchise that’s why I chose to review this game.

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