Hey, everyone, my name is Casey I’ve been a gamer ever since I was 10 years old  I still remember some of the first consoles I have owned were the Nintendo 64, the first PlayStation, and the original Xbox.The first game’s I have owned for the Nintendo were Mario cart, Mario 64. The first game I owned for the PlayStation was the second NBA live that came out. I loved to play halo on the Xbox original that was one of the best original games I owned. It’s  been 13 years since then now I’m 23, a high school graduate. working at benefis health systems in the kitchen as a dishwasher in my free time I still enjoy playing video games as an Xbox one gamer. When I’m not playing video games I’m searching youtube for other great new and upcoming games to play.

the reason for this website

I created this website to help you and other fellow Xbox one gamers discover new and interesting xbox one games to play. And by giving detailed reviews on new and upcoming games that I have researched and played, also by posting about any games that I might find interesting periodically, and some of the experiences that I have had playing games like Ghost recon wildlands, watch dogs two, sniper elite 4 etc. 

Thank you for visiting my website I’m always working on the form quality and user experience so please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you can contact me directly at my email: kcj@xbox-one-gaming.com.

ThankYou Again,

And have a great day

Casey, the founder of this website,