Hi, my name is Casey and i love to play video games along with other things like fishing, walking outdoors, camping I have been a gamer at heart since I was a young kid playing Mario Kart on my Nintendo 64 as I got older my passion just grew from there with the ps2 and grand theft auto vice city. now im 24 years old a high school graduate at 20 working in the food service with a steady 40 hr a week job until one day I stumbled upon website blogging and thought I would give it a try.

I started this website to commit my self to helping other gamers like yourself to fing the latest and greatest games to play on any console not just xbox one  i just personally perfer gaming on an xbox one, every month I will be working on a release report for each month which will include any new games coming out for that month, my website also has walkthroughs and new trailers for you to browse through.

Thank you for visiting my website I’m always working on the form quality and user experience so please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you can contact me directly at my email: kcj@xbox-one-gaming.com.

ThankYou Again,

And have a great day

Casey, the founder of this website,