2017 Xbox One RPG Games!


Hello, today I’m going to be reviewing some of the 2017 xbox one RPG games that will be releasing in the near future and some of the games that have been released already this year so please keep reading if you want some insight on some of these great titles.

Mass Effect Andromeda

The first 2017 xbox one RPG game that im going to be reviewing the game was released on march 21st,2017  and was developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts for xbox one.

This is the first release since mass effect 3 and also a sequel that continues the storyline of trilogy 2 this installment is more centered around exploration and an open world feel, unlike the other installments in the series.

The game story begins in the milky way galaxy in the 22nd century. Where the four races of the citadel council and the quarians are trying to populate other discovered home planets in the andromeda galaxy.Each race sends 20,000 citizens on a one-way journey that will take 600 years to complete also known as the andromeda initiative.

Each race has their own vessel called an ark this is what they use to send the citizens to andromeda in order help build a giant space station known as the nexus that houses government leaders, diplomats, and the pathfinders. pathfinders are chosen leaders of each ship that guides each vessel to the galaxy.

The player can take on the role of either Scott or Sara Ryder the characters are inexperienced military recruits who travel to andromeda to join the initiative whether you choose one or the other the remaining still is contained withing the story. The game starts after the player wakes up 600 years after the journey to andromeda.


The characters appearances can be customized by the player you can even change the name of the NPC if you would like to. This also alters the appearance of the characters father.

Unlike the other installments, where you can choose from any one of the six skill classes in this one you can assign any skill points that you earn from missions throughout the game to any one class instead of picking one specific class for the whole game.

Alongside the player’s profile class, you can also equip three different skills at one time by setting up favorite slots that can be accessed during exploration for easy customization.

The player can reallocate their XP points mid gameplay without having to restart the game from the beginning like the previous installments of the game. Also, you can earn as many XP points as you want there is no limit.

When interacting with other NPCs the player can choose to agree or disagree with the other character via a command wheel that has four categories heart, head, professional and casual. each one has four different responses to choose from.

During specific conversations, the player may be prompted with an impulse reaction which unlocks an additional command option like for example you might be prompted to shoot which only stays on the screen for a short period of time during the conversation.

Sometimes the player may have to make moral decisions that do not have any type of negative or positive impact toward the conversation this can happen during quests or just through general conversation. The player’s character is able to form relationships and romantic type relationships over time by consistently interacting with the same character.

In order to navigate between the five primary planets including multiple hub planets that allow the player to complete the various quests during game progression ie. Taking out enemy bases, completing side missions for fellow squad members, and scanning certain objects for useful data.

Missions can be accessed using the characters personal journal which contains a log where the player can activate a single mission for the current plant where there located.

The player can stand on the ship’s bridge where he or she can overlook a star map that contains the different planets whererpg-games-2017 the player can then choose where they want to go within the galaxy.

As the player completes quests the player gains viability points that allow the player to level up their character in order to beat certain planet bosses and unlock special upgrades and create outposts.

each planet is open world and can be explored using a vehicle called the nomad which is a six wheel all terrain vehicle. While driving the player can scan for resources and collect them using a mining drone.

Some plants contain environmental hazards such as avoiding heat that can harm the player’s health.As the player opens up different areas of the map they discover drop zones that serve as fast travel points these can also be used to change the characters weapon loadout. Over the course of the game, the player will find blueprints and supplies that can be used to craft weapons and armor.

 I currently do not own this game although just from the trailer I can definitely say that this game sounds really amazing this is going to be my next game purchase for sure.










An RPG action role-playing third person game that is currently scheduled to be released in late 2017  on xbox one. The timeline is set in 1918 during the London Spanish flu pandemic.

Most of the setting was researched by going to London while the visuals were created with a mix of fictional and factual references in mind.The plot is scented around protagonist doctor Jonathan E. Reid who is a vampire and is coming to terms with his current condition.

He must choose between his Hippocratic oath and his thirst for blood. The player isn’t required to kill anyone in order to finish the game which if the player chooses can keep his cover as a doctor this can also disable his ability to level up.dialogue-wheel  Dialogue options can be used for hunting prey to in order to feed. Feeding replenishes strength and levels up the character.

Gameplay is centered around gathering information on persons of interest studying and changing their habits collect clues and keeping relationships through communicating with the citizens of London.Anyone can be targeted in the game. But it can have unforeseen consequences like victims becoming vampires themselves.

Citizens each have their own backgrounds, relationships, and routines. Some victims will reveal their last thoughts before they die.

Weapons and abilities are acquired while defeating enemies throughout the game. Is set in London a fictionalized partially open world. That’s separated into four different districts which are all susceptible to destruction if the average health of the residence diminishes from over feeding each district has its own score based on the health of the citizens.

I had an awesome time researching this game I can’t wait to try this game out for myself hope you all are too.




Currently for PC only but is supposed to come to the console platform later on in 2017. The game is a story driven open-world RPG based during the era of the holy roman empire.

The game plot is set in bohemia located in the heart of Europe. The landscape is full of large castles that are filled with silver and plenty of culture throughout.

The story is centered around the death of emperor Charles IV, following his death the kingdom is plunged into uncertain times, village-gameplayincluding war corruption and discord. That are destroying the roman empire from the core.

The son of Charles, who is Wenceslas, inherits the crown of his father but unlike his father, Wenceslas is naive, self-indulgent, unambitious monarch.

His half brother the king of Hungary, who goes by Sigismund or the red fox senses that his half brother is weak.

So Sigmund travels to bohemia where he then kidnaps his brother without a king to rule the throne Sigismund is now able to take over bohemia and take all the riches for himself.

You play as henry the blacksmith’s son your life is peaceful until the king’s mercenaries are ordered to burn down your village leaving you the sole survivor of the massacre. Left homeless you’re forced to serve lord Radzig Kobyla who used to be part of the resistance to the invasion.

Your main goal is to help the resistance fight in the civil war and stop king Sigismund’s rampage which makes you come out a true hero leaving Hungary to face its own demise.

This game looks awesome from what I’ve seen im definitely excited to try this game when it comes out.











A science fiction action-RPG game currently in development by deck13 interactive being published by focus home interactive. The game is scheduled for release on may 16th,2017 on xbox one.

The plot is set in a world ravaged by war and global warming where a corporation known as creo an industrial business that specializes in work based robotics.When the robots take control of the creo complex,

The player takes on the role of a creo employee who has been fitted with an exo-suit that is attached to your brain using a brain implant. Designed to complete basic work duties within the creo building complex. After a tragic event leaves the world in chaos the employee is forced to fight his way to the complex in order to survive.

The main goal for the player is to defeat creo’s robotic advancements and find out the real truth that the corporation is concealing from all of humanity. By finding recorded messages and through dynamic storytelling.

Gameplay is centered around the player utilizing an exo suite that can be customized using parts that can be acquired by defeating creo robots and other human enemies that also utilize exo-technology by utilizing the looting and crafting 2017-rpgmechanics in order to add these upgrades to the player arsenal.

Suite upgrades can be mix and matched to fit the player’s combat style.

Combat is focused on challenging visceral melee style interaction utilizing super human strength and powerful weapons.

Upgrades include lightning rigs, heavy lifters,  security armor and advanced secretive technology. The more you use any specific upgrade the more it will increase your affinity level allowing you to take on harder enemies and bosses.

During combat, the player will need to decide between wanting upgrades and killing enemies because the enemies have strategic combat mechanics that make it difficult when engaging the enemy in combat meaning that when you take on these enemies you need to carefully plan out each and every strike studying their attack patterns.

The game features a specialized targeting system that the player can utilize to locate and attack specific weak points on their opponents robotic infrastructure this can cause dismemberment in a slo-mo cam style.

The exo-suit has a limited power output making it your duty as the player to find the best upgrades that take up the least amount of power from the exo-suit, XP can be used to increase the amount of output XP can also be used to upgrade the exo rig.

The longer the player survives the tough obstacles of the complex  the more XP the player will gain from each boss and enemy but if the player dies their XP drops on the ground causing the player to restart and fight their way through the complex in order to regain their XP points if the player fails to do so their XP is lost forever,

Just from the base overview of the game I’m super excited to get my hands on this game when it comes out this next month.







Torment: tides of numenera

An RPG game originally released on the PC platform but was recently brought to xbox one on February 28th, 2017. The game was developed by inXile entertainment and published by techland publishing. Torment runs on the unity engine to run the pre-rendered 2.5d isometric perspective graphics

The games are based on its successor a critically acclaimed 1999 release known as planetscape torment.

The game is set in a fantasy world called numera which is set in distant future where the destruction of multiple civilizations torment-rpg-2017has left the world in a medieval era described as the ninth world by scholars of the current age.

Where mankind is left living in small settlements among the remnants of the old world including ancient artifacts and technology or numenera.

Most of the artifacts are broken but some of them still function beyond the understanding of the new race of mankind.

The player takes on the perspective of the last cast off who is the last vessel for the spirit of an ancient being who has found a way to separate himself from his physical form in order to become reincarnated into a new body making him immortal.

The ancient being has attracted the attention of another ancient being also known as the sorrow who wants to find and destroy him and his creation’s which is his current physical form. the player must find his master before the sorrow  destroys him and his creation;

To do this the player must find the ancient technology which will allow the player to take on the lives of other castoffs in other dimensions of the world. Allowing the player to experience different storylines within the game.

The player is able to form the character’s appearance to whatever he or she likes including race and gender via the Customization menu at the intro of the game. The characters personality and skills can be shaped through game progression. and world interaction.

There are 3 different character classes that the player can choose from when creating their character: Glaive a warrior class, Nano a wizard class and Jack a rogue class. Each character class can be formed into a slimmer description ie. tough, mystical, foci these classes can give the character a specific role and playstyle within the game.

In the game, the player is led through the story using in-depth storytelling and an extensive personal narrative. With complex interaction with other NPCs by using dialogue tree mechanics. Torment uses tides which represent reactions that the character inspires onto other NPC characters each tide has its own specific color and nuanced concepts that its associated with.

The type of tides also represented as the players legacy that the player has taken on expresses the way that his character has taken in life within the game. Each tide or legacy features bonuses and powers that certain weapons will posses. They also give the players character his own special abilities and improve certain character skills.

Torment seems like an interesting game i’m a big fan of MMORPGs like diablo and runescape this game seems to have a visual representation of these types of games. so I will most likely give this game a try and let you all know if its buy worthy.













rpg-2017-portal rpg-xbox-one-2017







Sea Of Thieves

A co-op first person open world RPG game that set to release later on in 2017 there isn’t an official release date as of yet. The game was developed by rare and is being published by Microsoft studios exclusively on xbox one.

The game is in its testing stages through the Microsoft insider program. Meaning that you can try out this game right now by going to www.xbox.com where you can sign up for the insider program.

The player starts off at a base island where the player is able to construct a home and other types of structures making it possible to construct the game however the player chooses to.

Gameplay is centered around the player taking on the role of a pirate on a secluded island alongside a ton of other players giving each crew the ability to man their own ship.

Each player has a different role like for example one player might steer the ship while all the other players are manning the sails and operating the ship’s cannons during battles with another ship.

Each crew utilizes their ship to explore the open sea for other islands which have treasure and resources like wood for crafting equipment.and repairing the ship while exploring players will encounter other online players this can make the game interesting because each ship has the ability to fire cannonballs at other players ships. Making it physically destroyable. besides battling other opponents the player has to avoid catching scurvy while exploring.

The game features close proximity voice chat so the player can communicate different actions that are necessary in order to operate specific element’s on the ships. Other than that it also features a dynamic day and night cycles and realistic water physics and graphic rendering.

I’m personally excited to play this game just to see how the gameplay and co-op aspects of the game are going to turn out after the game is complete im thinking about applying for the insider program just try it and see if it’s going to be worth spending money on.











Divinity: Original Sin II

An open world online RPG game set to release in late 2017 for xbox one. It was developed and published by larian studios. Divinity is a sequel to a game that was released back in 2014 divinity original sin.

The plot takes place a century after the fist installment in an era of war and religious persecution where alexander the bishop has accused all of the sorcerers of criminal acts. As a result, a group of the sorcerers travel to find the bishop and defeat him in order to clear the name of the sorcerers.

The player will be able to choose what skills the character has along with his race, origin, and the characters background. Also, they can select up to three other NPC characters which can also berpg-2017-divinity2 used in online co-op via multiplayer matchmaking which enables you to have up to 4 players at once in certain online modes.

Players can use the environment to their advantage like collecting resources from bushes sneaking up on enemies which allow the character to hide in a bush and sneak towards an enemy.

Depending on the chosen players back story the dialogs and story missions will be different for each player.

The player will be able to swap out skills in game via a new skill crafting menu. It will also feature the ability to create friendships, romantic relationships, and enemies throughout the game using a new system called love & hate. Developers even added a new online mode where you’ll be able to battle in teams of two inside an arena.

This game looks like its gonna be really interesting to get into for people who like to play MMORPGs like diablo world of warcraft and ruinscape.








Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

A third-person open-world action RPG that is set to be released on august 22nd,2017 on xbox one and is being developed by monolith productions and published by warner brothers interactive entertainment. Middle earth is the continuation of its predecessor middle earth shadow of Mordor.

The game’s story is based on events of the previous game which are based on the movies the hobbit and the lord of the rings. The player takes on the role of ranger Tallon also known as the ranger on Gondor who’s sharing his body with an elf lord known as celebrimbor. Together they have unique abilities that the player uses to help them complete missions.

Tallon forges a new ring of power which him and celebrimbor use to resurrect an army to help them fight against Sauron and enemy-controlhis army of nazgui soldiers.  They also believe that the ring can be used to prevent them from becoming a dark lord but instead to become a powerful king.

Only Tallon isn’t interested in power and wants to believe that celebrimbor’s cause is to help him to defeat Sauron and his powerful army.

Gameplay is based on the nemesis system originally featured in the first installment. And was more centered around hack and slash this installment is more centered action role-playing giving the player a more personalized experience.

Which allows the player to obtain followers from any race within the game. Used when planning out complex strategies in order to complete missions. Followers behave depending on actions of the player’s character and how they interact with the NPC ai.

I played the first installment but I wasn’t a big fan so im hoping that this installment will be a lot better in terms of story diversity and ease of gameplay.












Call Of Cthulhu

A semi open-world RPG game developed by cyanide and published by focus home interactive releasing sometime in 2017. The game is based on the original installment call of Cthulhu dark corners of the earth released on xbox in 2006 that was a total failure.Both installments are contributions on the short story written by H.P Lovecraft.  The game will feature themes of cthilahuLovecraftian and psychological horror scenes throughout the game.

The storyline is centered around investigation and stealth as you play as private investigator jack walters who is investigating the death of a family that lived on an island off the coast of Boston Massachusetts.

When you discover that someone has been working on reviving Cthulhu who is an alien. The game takes place between 1912-1918 in a fictional Boston Massachusetts.

The player’s goal within the game is to search for clues in the story map locations and uncover the truth behind the events that took place the night that jack visited the family home on the island.



That’s all of the information that has been released on this game so far as more information develops I will create a separate post exclusively on game updates. The game looks really interesting so far the graphics make the game seem as if it is a ps2 game but that may just be because its in its alpha stage.














An RPG game that’s more focused around hand to hand combat with martial arts style fighting that’s set to release in mid-2017 for xbox one. There isn’t an exact date as of yet.  Is being developed by sloclap a former Ubisoft Paris. Absolver has been described as being very similar to the play style of dark souls and street fighter

Gameplay is comprised of the player taking on the role of a martial arts warrior in the fictional world of adal an interconnected open world that has shortcuts. The map is merged between singleplayer and co-op, where that player can either fight alongside other players or against other players via a multiplayer server.

The player can also spar with other players in multiplayer enabling you to teach friends and other players special moves you combat-card-deck found and created during gameplay.

The main goal is to fight enemies to prove your worthiness to join a group called the absolver peacekeepers. While improving your characters combat moves via a menu that features a card deck style outline of different moves that the player can choose from and create their own combo moves comprising of strikes and parries, feints.

Moves are rated numerically by speed and amount of damage dealt and by secondary skills like the ability to break an enemies guard during combat. Each main strike features two different attacks that are determined by the player’s stance, for example, one attack might absorb an enemies attacks while the other breaks the enemies guard stance.

The player can also equip a weapon which is powerful against enemies but can be less effective against enemies who have quicker attacks and attack absorption. Meaning that using a weapon has its pros and cons.

The game features the ability to disarm any enemy using a hand held weapon and use the weapon against them in combat.

The further the player progresses throughout the world defeating more difficult enemy’s the better moves, armor, and weapons the player can pick up as loot from defeated foe’s

Looks like an awesome RPG game in my opinion because I love fighting games when I was a kid and I still do. This game reminds me Tekken 2 without the open world aspect. Im personally looking forward to trying it out.








BattleChasers: NightWar

RPG game being developed by airship syndicate the game is based on the battle chasers comicBook its set to be released in 2017 xbox one with no current information on a specific date.

Gameplay is centered around the player selecting 3 pre-unlocked heroes this including the main character known as gully who has lost her father aramus behind an unknown mist lingering between the north and south. You will use these heroes to explore the lost continent discovering caves secret landmarks and elements while coming upon rare bosses and randomly generated NPC characters that the player will have to face in a  battle arena type of play style

You will use these heroes to explore the lost continent discovering caves secret landmarks and elements while coming upon rare bosses and randomly generated NPC characters that the player will have to face in a  battle arena type of play style

Battling  different enemies and exploring different areas of the map will give the player upgrade points that can be used to  expand the hero’s abilities.

Caves and dungeons are filled with random puzzles, hidden traps, and other unknown secrets. In order to survive in these dungeons and caves, you will need to utilize all of you hero’s abilities.

Battle chasers look like a pretty fun game for anyone who likes games similar to diablo and world of warcraft. I personally have played diablo 3 for xbox one for hours on end. So im kind of excited to try this game.








That’s all of the RPG games that are on xbox one that I found to date if you have and suggestions questions or comments on any of the RPG games listed above please feel free to leave some feedback down below. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day

Casey, post author


4 thoughts on “2017 Xbox One RPG Games!

  1. Shannon Reply

    Kingdom come deliverance looks like an instant classic! I can’t wait for that to drop so I can grab it.

    I love games set in that era. Good post with great info I’ll be waiting for your update post later. I am a huge gamer with my grandsons and we look for new games all the time.


    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      I personally think that kingdom come deliverance looks like the next Skyrim if you have ever played it they have a lot of similarities. I will keep an eye out for any info regarding its official release date anyway thanks for the comment and have a good day.

  2. Graham Reply

    Wow, there are some awesome RPG’s out there at the minute. That Kingdom of deliverance looks insane! I can’t wait to give that a try. Also, love the look of Middle-earth Shadow of War. Both of these games are right up my street. Can’t wait to get them and put them through their paces. Thanks for sharing such a great post. Keep up the great work.

    • casey ehnes Post authorReply

      glad to hear your thoughts on these games I personally like to play Skyrim which seems to have some similarity to these games thanks for the comment and have a great day.

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